Why Governor Jay Inslee Isn't Fighting Harder to Stop Shell's Arctic Drilling Rigs

New E-mails Take Us Inside a High-Level Environmental Debate


Governor Jay Inslee---PLEASE! Put political agendas aside, and STOP this insanity NOW!
The transporing of crude oil and coal is unsafe, proven hazardous, and will destroy all that is sustainable in Washington State. The future is in serious peril and doing everything you can to stop climate change is crucial.
My goodness Auntie...you're right!!! A chunk of the sky just fell in my yard. Go to the grocery store, spend a nickel, and buy a paper bag to blow into until you calm down.
@2 MFW: I have a much better idea:why don't YOU go stick a paper bag over your idiotic head and blow yourself until you finally wake up, troll.
Seriously, get a clue. Everyone getting fucked over by Big Oil and Big Coal should be mad as hell.
It's a crap-ass headline. Inslee can't "Stop Shell's Arctic Drilling Rigs." He can influence the Port and the local companies that benefit from the off-season repair and harboring that's happening. But the article and headline make it sound like these efforts could somehow stop arctic drilling, and that Inslee somehow is refusing to take this action. More parroting of fed talking points. And submittiing requests for emails that don't say much at all isn't exactly hard-hitting journalism. If the Stranger hasn't already been doing regular requests (as most real news departments do), then I guess yay, welcome to elementary school. The links drawn in this post regarding those emails are not even worth publishing.
How many shares of stock did he get? A future job offer once he gets his sorry ass recalled? ( for signing off on a patients'-rights-violating measure to subsume medicinal cannabinoids to a fucking LIQUOR CON-TROLL BORED). Illegal even under federal laws; ask the FDA. THE LAWS IN THIS KLEPTOCRACY HAVEN'T ACKNOWLEDGED THE UNIQUENESS OF CANNABIS: IT IS A DRUG THAT CANNOT KILL YOU-- VERY ,VERY RARE . . . .
I will not be voting for Inslee again after his complete failure to speak up for the idiocracy about allowing Shell safe harbor on their way to destroying not only the Arctic but helping the fossil fuel industry to making the future for humanity a complete hell on Earth. Seriously WTF gov? To say Inslee is a complete disappointment is an understatement.

One term is enough if he can't even manage this.
Seriously, Governor Inslee--stand with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray--NO to Shell Oil,
and NO to transporting of dangerous fossil fuels--PERIOD--through Washington State.
Those of us living in communities divided by the BNSF Railroad can't afford to become the next Lac-Megantic, Quebec.