Seattle Finally Hired Someone to Enforce Its New Minimum-Wage Law

Intriguingly, Even After Business and Labor Agreed on Four Finalists for the Job, the Mayor Picked Someone Else


"In planning for his new job, Orr emphasizes finding a balance between labor and business interests and educating both businesses and employees."

I didn't know there was a middle ground in enforcement of minimum wages. You pay what you legally owe or you're in violation of the law.
"This is the administration that gave us the first real minimum-wage increase in the country..."

The Murray administration had about as much to do with this minimum wage increase as it did with the Seahawks winning Super Bowl XLVIII.
Dylan Orr's kinda hot.
Nice scoop, reported by The Seattle Times five days ago. Catching up on the backlog after God knows how long of breathless kayak protester coverage?
The Mayor hires his friends, and we will leave it at that.
Dylan went to UW School of Law, and was terrifically popular with students and faculty alike. He's got a great career and front of him, and we're lucky he's come back to Seattle.

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Another show of the Mayor's leadership. He ignores everyone and does what he wants or what keeps his political base happy.

Tell me mayor. If traffic gets worse in Seattle will the rents go up? If people will need to ride bikes will they need to live closer to the city?