Fact-Checking the Fight Against Campaign Finance Reform in Seattle

A newly formed opposition group claims public campaign financing will only make Seattle elections worse. But are their claims accurate?


Who is funding the opposition? That consultant most recently worked to roll back consumer protections for predatory lenders. Do they have an interest in Seattle council or he working for developers?
It might simply be the campaign consultants working for themselves. Sandeep has run campaigns for a series of progressively bigger and bigger money outfits over the past decade. A spending cap on city campaigns could seriously cut into his income.

Also, it's fun to watch you see developers behind every tree.
what about non political advertising ,can i get a voucher to support coke over pepsi
I see challenges to the claim that any given, (notionally) independent, expenditure is against a candidate, and these groups by their natures both can craft messages well and have plenty of money for lawyers... If they can delay matching funds' reaching the complaining candidate during the election, that's enough---some candidates might be able to get loans in the expectation of funds' reaching them after litigation, but my guess is that not that many would be willing to play factor
'expenditure is' —>'expenditure is'

Duh. '
Is there any limitation on what the vouchers can be spent on? If there's a potential to spend $40 million, it's going to get spent. I can't imagine how the City will be able to audit each expenditure to determine whether it is a legitimate campaign expense for a legitimate candidate rather than a sham expenditure on a "consultant" or high-priced printer who kicks back to the donor and the "candidate."