The Bad Politics of the Black Lives Matter Protesters Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders

Racist Structures Must Change. To Create That Change, We Must Have Smarter Strategies and Tactics.


Invading someone's space, sticking your finger in their face, bumping them, screaming insults. I'm sure their lord and savior Jesus would be proud.

Yet it was the crowd that behaved in an "ugly" manner according to some.
A question (?) for the agitators: (And just an example) If a man wearing a turban took the microphone from you at a rally that *you* had organized with a crowd of people who were interested in hearing *your* message, and began talking about the plight of the Muslim American people who are so often treated as second class citizens, would you have reacted as Bernie Sanders did and allowed the person to speak? I think if the situation were reversed I don't think your reaction would have been kind in the face of the level of disrespect shown to you. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. But your actions demonstrated your unwillingness to listen.

Would you really have given up the time you had to talk about your own cause despite months of preparation to allow someone else to talk about what was important to them? Doubtful. What if the person who took the microphone from you decided they were going to talk on a subject you didn't agree with? What then? Violence? I don't ask that because I presume there would be, but if it were me I'd be pissed and yeah, I'd think about grabbing that mic back and telling them to fuck right off.

The problem with the tactics chosen by these women is that the underlying feeling everyone is left with is disrespect. You disrespected the one candidate that is most likely to be your biggest advocate. And why? To create conversation. Great. Conversation started. But guess what. As your target audience, the liberal white male that is presently inactive in your cause, you actually offended me. BLM! They do. But the world isn't black and white, and your cause isn't the only cause, and your message not the only message. Gay rights are important. 99%ers are important. There's a lot of discussions to be had to make this world a better place and your assumption that yours is the most important feels smug. I'm sorry to say it that way, and it isn't out of lack of caring for the lives lost in this struggle for ending oppression. However your blatant disregard for everyone else in the world (crowd) except those who believe like you do is sadly ironic. Everyone matters, even those people who don't agree with you. It appears you'd like to demonize every white person who is not actively working towards your cause. That tactic won't persuade people to join you unfortunately. It will only serve to create a larger gap. Instead of focusing on the differences between people, focus on the similarities. After all, that's at the root of racism in the first place.
"The problem with the tactics chosen by these women is that the underlying feeling everyone is left with is disrespect."

Who's everyone?

"As your target audience, the liberal white male that is presently inactive in your cause, you actually offended me."

How do you know what their target audience was?

"BLM! They do."

Then do something about it, rather than complaining on the internet about the tactics of those that are.
"Then do something about it, rather than complaining on the internet about the tactics of those that are."

SamN, you are just another presumptuous, sanctimonious fuck. How do you know what GrumpyShoe or anyone else in this anonymous forum is "doing about it?" What are you "doing about it"? Details, please.

These girls (and I say "girls" because they are children) don't know me, they don't know you. Nor do they care to. These loving Christians only care about their own "cause" and anyone who doesn't agree in lock step is the enemy and does not deserve respect. Raised by Tea Partiers. Yeah, I'm sure that didn't shape the "me only, screw everyone else" attitude.

“I've had enough of someone else's propaganda. I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost, and as such I am for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”
―Malcolm X

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”
―Malcolm X
@1 man, everyone should know their place.
Firstly, I am burnt out on reading comments since last week. I say this because I do not know what has been said on this comment section. That being said, something I found odd was the people who stated they no longer wanted to support BLM after the rally ( or lack there of). This made no sense to me. How could this undo the reasons you would support the type of change being asked for? Nothing has been resolved or altered, did this one event change your fundamental belief in fairness and justice? Are you a whole other person than last week? Does being offended warrant turning ones back on a problem ( yes it is a problem), "oh I used to care about this but I was offended by two people once and don't see the reason to ask for change anymore." If you valued being behind the ideas of BLM before I guarantee you that it is still something to stand up for.
AgentSmith, thanks for those reminders OR why I left politics but always vote
"form alliances with them rather than risk isolation"

1. This was not risking isolation, this was attempting to force it.

2. The idea that it's one or the other is ludicrous. Nobody is asking BLM to ally itself with one candidate. All that's being asked is respect and civility before resorting to more severe tactics. When Malcolm X said "by any means necessary" he meant that violence was the last resort, not "pick whichever means happens to suit your mood." His widow spent her later life clarifying this repeatedly.
And to all those calling Bernie "weak" or "unprepared" for allowing protesters to get so close and walking away rather than get confrontational, I ask you this:

Consider how often you hear a politician promise to get "tough on _____" or "fight the war on _____" and what the results have been. Mostly hot air to get elected, occasionally an expensive boondoggle that backfires.

Bernie is not a tough guy candidate, never has been. He has always been accessible and willing to listen. When I lived in Vermont during his representative years I would bump in to him wandering the public square by himself getting coffee. That takes courage. It worked at the congressional level, why not the presidential?
I am a white male. Ergo racist. Happy with my contrition?

Cops should not kill unarmed blacks. A no brainer.

Once cops get their act together, in some century, we will still have blacks killing blacks, and black women, absent any male influence, spawning feral kids who go on to repeat the cycle, with no help from racist whites.

These women are assholes and the wimpy apologists who are trying to justify them are clearly engaging in a double standard. If some conservative idiot upset about immigration tolerance, or other right wing agenda, took the stage, nobody would in their right mind support the speaker or the hijacking of the stage. Much easier to seize the mike and insult others than it is to do the serious WORK that it takes to get a permit, get out the word, and collect the crowd that these organizers were able to do. I would love to know by the way, the source of the checks that pay the rent for these women?

Racism is not going away, nor is it by a long-shot only the purview of whites. Privilege and hate abounds whenever someone can get away with it. The real differentiator in the end is economics. Those with money, regardless of color, trump those without. Let's focus on that for a change. And lets call out boorish behavior wherever and whenever we see it.
After a trillion dollars of affirmative action and businesses hiring people they don't want to hire, black people moving into neighborhoods that don't want them, black neighborhoods being "terrorized" by their own children . . . exactly what is the complaint of black people about white people? That white people don't like black people? Is there any nation in Africa where black people like black people?
BS commentary ...BLM is bigger than genuflecting to a shallow White Liberal like Sanders who is obviously clueless about Black American issues..

The reaction to BLM in White Liberals venues reveal how they are not that much different than White Conservatives ..The soft bigotry of low expectations is a pathology in White America that much is apparent and has been for centuries in America
Months later, i'm glad to finally read an editorial about the event that I agree with. I thought Bernie was going to be punched in the face. I'm glad he wasn't.

I am all for disruptive actions and have participated in some, but I thought the action, as it was carried out, harmed more than it helped the cause. It could have helped but this one did the opposite. Par for the course for Seattle where professionalism is viewed at with suspicion and contempt.
PS: BillWald, you're a racist of the worst kind, the kind who tries to be funny. But you're just racist.