Medical Marijuana Dispensaries File Suit in Response to City's Crackdown

Plus, How Oregon's Legalization Is Affecting Washington Prices


Murray's turned the town into a crack den and he's worried about med marijuana outlets.

Hey, Ed, when folks take the bus to work they have to step over the creeps or worry about being robbed.

Let us know what that magic 8 ball/computer crime database has any solution besides touchy-feely permissive nonsense. We're ceding entire neighborhoods to these creeps.
@1 hey dumbshit, the mayor doesn't read your offtopic vaguely racist rants.
Portlanders stoned or otherwise don't go to Voodoo, its strictly for tourists.
#2 Draw the race card a little early since it was never mentioned ? Also both posts show anger and hate…….lighten up dude, It's not that bad.