Hey, Seattle Politicians, Get to Work!

No Matter Who Gets Elected on November 3, Here Are the Problems They Need to Tackle Right Away



Increase housing stocks to deal with Seattle's acute housing shortage

Drastically upzone most urban village boundaries, especially around current, future and proposed light rail lines.


Expand the streetcar program to a "Metro 8" Streetcar and a LQA-Belltown-Downtown streetcar

Explore legislative options to allow addition Seattle-only funding for intra-city light rail lines
There are a lot of terrible concepts in this piece. It would appear that the Stranger has an ultimate goal of pushing all profitable businesses out of Seattle. That seems to undermine the core source of tax revenue and general revenue for all of the things that make Seattle awesome.

I guess my math must be off on this, but I don't see how the Stranger even exists if Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks all leave over night. I don't see how that helps me or my family.

I don't get it.
We are not Detroit and we can afford to tax business to expand government and create additional pension programs for all employees. 40 years ago Detroit was saying, "We are Detroit we can afford to tax business and expand pensions for all employees."

This is a gross exaggeration I know. Worth considering how we can afford to increase taxes at every level and be the same Seattle that got all of the employers that are expanding now. At some point you push too hard and next thing you know your Oregon. Oregon lost Jeldwen this year to North Carolina, remind you of Boeing? Maybe we can expand taxes (which we have done annually since 2007) but there is a point when you rock the boat and the boat tips.
"The city already banned job applications from having those little checkboxes that ask applicants about their criminal history (which were, in effect, a mechanism that allowed for employment discrimination against ex-cons). Now the city needs to do the same thing for rental housing applications."

So by 'city' you mean Bruce Harrell. Way to not give a shout out, but call out Sawant and Licata for the work they are doing (ie not accomplished).
Its Seattle..The leadership have their heads up their ass
Once again. Hooray! This is what you get with over 50 years (That's over half a Century folks) of one Party Democratic Progressive rule in Seattle. Come on, let's keep it on track for a full Century!
" Let's use an [development] impact fee for our schools."

Let's use development impact fee for Transportation (as we could do)
Let's use development impact fee for Fire stations (as we could do)
Let's use development impact fee for Parks (as we cold do)

Oops, we're using levies. Move Seattle Levy, Fire Levy, Metropolitan Parks Levy.

See a pattern of avoidance?

Glad to the The Stranger dipping their toe in the water...
Dare somebody to try to implement universal healthcare on a municipal level, then ignore the demons of Olympia if they attempt to cockblock it! ( and while your dreaming up new Morally progressive ballot measures, why not write one that would increase the number of council districts to thrice what it currently is: a city with 600K residents in Europe would have far more seats . . . .