Four Seattleites Want Answers from Twitter About "State-Sponsored Actors" Trying to Hack Into Their Accounts

So Far, the Company Is Silent


I share ACLU's belief that there is no legal process involved in these attempts to break into Twitter's network and monitor my activities. Actions that are treated as felony computer fraud for most of us are everyday business for government staff.

I resent the fact that the United States' and other governments regularly slurp up everything they can about presumed-innocent people. We cannot do much to stop them when they are hiding their actions from our representatives and from the courts, but I will not make things easy for them if I can avoid it. I suspect that if I was not already using Tor for most of my Web browsing and Signal for phone calls and texting, the warning from Twitter would have served as a strong push in the direction of doing so.
@2 I hope that this is true, but if Twitter is not being coerced to remain silent by the government of the United States of America then it should say so unequivocally. Leaving people in the dark with only a vague warning is a gruesome thing for Twitter's PR to do.

All of this strengthens my resolve to use strong & effective encryption / anonymization technologies and teach others to do the same.
Just a reminder: any data you give to a company is theirs to do whatever they want with, including giving it to the government or selling it to anyone, despite any bogus terms of service you agreed to (or likely agreed to without reading).

Your data is the very product they profit on. Twitter or Facebook do not care about you or your data's safety.
If I recall, Twitter (along with Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco and a few others) have long been on the Gov't direct line gravy train, so one would have to logically expect this from Twitter.

(Not that I'm not sorry this occurred to these fellows, BTW.)

With all the stories from WikiLeaks and the Snowden leaks, and the excellent stuff from Kaspersky Labs, etc., it should be obvious to one and all by this time that everything is being monitored, and when it is encrypted it is given priority flagging.

Alas, it goes much farther than than (listen up now, they used to trash me mercifully when I explained what has come out over the past several years, so I was correct) --- they, the global elites or powers-that-be, now have control of the planes and trains and autos with certain types of systems onboard.

The Amtrak accident investigation results are in, and the railroad engineer driving showed absolutely no drugs or drink in his body from the toxicology results; and his cell phone had been turned off --- in other words, it is still a supposed mystery.

But what did that Amtrak train and missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have in common?

Both using systems from ARINC, or designed under ARINC standards, etc.

Satellites, planes, trains, digital systems-equipped autos, air traffic control systems, etc., etc., etc., then there's everything else . . . .

what is going on in the world what
While it would be fun to just point out the hilarity in a handful of deeply paranoid people having and using Twitter accounts to begin with, I think it will be even more entertaining to push this even further down the rabbit hole...

I mean, if you were a state intelligence service looking to recruit foreign assets, of course the first people you'd try to develop would be ones that already have a long and consistent history of activism against their own governments, right?

Think about it, sheeple!