The ballot now in your mailbox is asking you to renew two existing Seattle Public School levies that do very important things: (1) cover the day-to-day costs of teaching our kids, like books and part of teachers’ salaries, and (2) fund school construction. In an ideal world, all children would get shame-free sex education, all parents would get ample supplies of vape juice, and these local levies wouldn’t matter so much because the suckhole known as the Washington State Legislature would be full of smart, capable people willing to do their jobs. Instead, state lawmakers won’t make real progress on funding public education in Washington for at least two years. In the meantime, if we don’t renew local funding for schools, we’ll end up starving them of basic supplies and corralling kids into overcrowded classrooms. Even if you’re an asshole who hates kids, you know that’s a disgusting mess you don’t want to be complicit in. Vote yes.

This trumpkin is scary enough. Please vote.
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