Washington State Law Makes It Virtually Impossible to Charge Police Officers Who Kill

Olympia Just Killed a Proposal That Would Have Made It Easier


Anyone who follows the indolence of politicians that meet in Olympia every year know that bills like this won't pass.
The good news is that it is the stated editorial position of The Stranger that all guns should be banned from private ownership and only the police should have guns.

This is their utopia.
@2 what's it like to be a lying liar, with pants that are on fire?

Your 'Pants on Fire' argument is bullshit. Where did I lie about anything? Please point it out.

Or are you new around here?
Good. Support your local Sheriff.
What you don't understand is that it is very difficult to charge and convict anyone of a serious crime in King County. The prosecutor has strict filing guidelines and will not charge unless they are reasonably certain that they will get a conviction. Trials are very expensive and time consuming. Those who point to examples such as "Making a Murderer" and "Serial" don't realize that those cases would never have been charged in King County. Lack of physical and/or DNA evidence along with sketchy witness testimony would have resulted in prosecutor declines.
When the Dems had dual-majority status, plus the governess' mansion , they did NOTHING to change that. Socialists would have. --- http://www.broadleft.org .
Horrible reporting. Perhaps you could provide the RCW number so we could read it ourselves? Would that be too much trouble? It should be on the tip of the tongue of a reporter so biased about the issue.
@6: It's SUPPOSED to be difficult for the State to prosecute anyone. That's how our justice system was designed. Statist-progressives of course want a justice system where it's easy to prosecute their political enemies.
@9 A hearty LOL at folks who unironically use the word "statist".
OK, everything would be wonderful if only black police officers worked black districts, black suspects could request an all black jury, and and police officers could request as all police officer jury.