What's in Store for Weed in 2016?

Professionals in the Marijuana Industry Predict Growth, Data, Regulation, and Snoop Dogg


No capital cronyism, this coming from the state that has ordered medical dispensaries shut down? 2016 will be the year of Cannabis Corporatism unless the public seizes the issue via another initiative.
Gee Fred...the black market did such a great job with selling and distributing weed...from bunk crap weed from Mexico to prolonged "droughts" where you couldn't score a nickle bag for months on end. And let's not forget the proverbial dealer who showed up to your place whenever he damn well pleased, keeping you waiting around for hours. And then you would never, ever know what you actually bought. Was strain was it? Was it even marijuana? And I absolutely loved those "quarter bags" (7 grams) where half the weight was stems and seeds.

I'll take the Illuminati 1% Corporate Overlords any day over the "good ol' days" of black market weed, thank you very much.
That is your choice, but I choose not to give money to the 1% if I can help it, no matter what. I'll take the small entrepreneur, even a criminal one, over those that hide their machinations using money as a tool for obfuscation.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
@3 Have you ever met and gotten to know a grower, distributor, or retailer under WA's legal system? Because if you did, you would understand that these folks are hardly the filthy rich, 1%ers out to oppress the working class. They're actually the "small entrepreneurs" who you venerate. And since they now work out in the open and pay taxes...just like any other business...they're far more accountable to their customers. With regards to obfuscation, the only time I encountered that was dealing with the black market, as I noted in in my first comment.

Different strokes for different ideologies, I guess. Different realities for different perceptions, I guess. Different cliches for different sentiments, I guess.