Speaking of quirky theater productions, big shout out to the probably-now-&-forever-defunct That's F*cked up! shows! They would expand your mind, before blowing it all away... truly amazing stuff.
If we lose the Re-Bar... there will be no other venue to take it's place.
Keeping it is a fight for the vibrancy of our culture here.
And of course there were Dan's infamous "Greek Active"plays he so creatively directed during the mid 90's.
Beauty is not a factor in landmark status
@Dadddy I 100000000000 PERCENT AGREE WITH YOU
Unfortunately, clubs and restaurants have a shelf-life, but the Re-Bar is more like a town hall for the rest of us. I hope the same amount of stink will be raised when Re-bar's impending doom approaches as was raised when the Croc was in jeopardy. Otherwise, I may just have to turn my back on Seattle. BTW, I never thought of Re-Bar as a dance hall, but I guess it is for some. I was a Sunday night devotee in the 90s and it was, after all, Queer Disco.
Oh...and I can't wait till people start moving into those condo towers and begin complaining about the noise.
@8 If it isn't in the books already, there should be a law that prevents noise complaints from residential construction built after entertainment venues. San Francisco passed one recently.…
@9 - There should be that law! I don't think there is one for Seattle currently, as that exact scenario is what doomed the Capitol Hill Arts Center.... brand new condo, new residents complaining about the noise, db remediations never somehow quite sufficient.

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