Didn’t Palumbo understand that “school choice” is only for rich white liberals who send their kids to private school?


To clarify the replacement process, the 1st Legislative District includes parts of both King and Snohomish counties - so the councils from both will decide which of the three nominees selected by PCOs of the 1st LD get appointed for the remainer of his term.


A friend says he is leaving to dodge me too acusations from his campaign. Seems right for an Amazon bro.


We should all be encouraged to follow our dreams.


ooo, look, another Amazon whore in his fishnet stockings and Daisy Dukes.
My, my, I wonder how much he gets paid...


Good riddance. Punk.


OK, PCOs, time for fun!

Yes, it is fun.

I recommend a Democratic Socialist.


I sigh with relief.


Won't somebody think of the children!


@1- the issue is not school choice, it's who's going to pay for your choice of schools. Those "rich white liberals" you are hating on not only are paying their kids way through private school without asking the taxpayers to pay for it, but they are likely still paying for the public schools for everyone's kids through their property taxes. That's completely constitutional and is quite different from non-liberals who want the taxpayers to pay for their kids' religious education (hint - that is an Establishment Clause problem).


Good riddance. Hey Guy Palumbo-- don't let the door hit you in the ass.
Now if only we could only jet propel double-dipping, newly paid off ambassador of Cambodia, fossil fuel industry whore, and chief Whatcom County Trumpty Dumpty spokesman, Thug Ericksen, R-Ferndale into outer space, provided it's one way and he never returns.

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