Teatro ZinZanni's Sanitized Queerness


Well someone was in a bad mood when he went to the theatre, wasn't he?
@1: Maybe there's some clause in Rich's employment agreement that he only gets paid if he sounds like a prick?
As someone who worked at TZ for 5 years (until about a year ago) I can tell you that you're inclination that the show is catered toward middle-class suburbanites is spot on. And, in fact, you'll find those same people running the place (not the performers or the staff, but the higher ups who've run it since the late nineties). Read: Old white people.
That said, they also do some more risque stuff for their late-night one-offs, which are hit-and-miss in quality, but often edgier with a younger, more local crowd. And, as I mentioned above, the staff and the performers are a bunch of queer and queer-friendly weirdos (myself previously included).
You gotta remember, this is old-school dinner theatre and no one under 30 (besides bachelorettes) is really going to get excited about sitting in a dark room for three hours for something that isn't Star Wars or a teen drama, especially when that something will cost each person around $200 all said and done (minimum). You've gotta rely on the baby boomers to come out for the special birthdays and anniversaries, they've got the savings accounts and credit cards to spare.
@3 Also, old suburanites are welcome to entertainment, too. I don't understand Rich Smith's contempt for the suburban audience, as if every show needs to be Art with a capital A (not that there's anything wrong with that) and that they audience needs to be young intellectuals looking for "intelligent" theater (not that there's anything wrong with them).

I mean, review the show on its merits, sure, with how you feel about it--perfectly legitimate--but I don't understand disparaging the type of people who attend.
"And yet, a lot of the gags are based on the notion that it's funny when men wear clothes that women usually wear or that expressions of fabulous gayness are so overwhelming that you can only laugh in response. So the jokes come at the expense of gay culture, but... the gays are getting paid, and I guess it's better to have suburbanites laughing along with you than throwing rocks"

You know nothing about gay culture, Jon Snow. Perhaps do some research before going to the theatre, because this is an old tradition that you've managed to completely misread in the service of your heightened oversensitive sense of outrage.

There's hundreds of thousands of old queens spinning in their graves at this review. Learn the culture, preferably before setting pen to paper.
This is what happenes when an aspect of ones life becomes ones life. In this case arrogant immaturity of black and white thinking that if you aren't an "over the big top" drag queen or actively simulating fornication then you are somehow anti-gay rights or that it isnt dinner theatre. Wake up! Its dinner theatre, not a Granny-Madonna concert. Teatro is accombination, "European cabaret, circus arts, fine dining, and vaudeville performed in a Belgian spiegeltent (mirror tent)". If one - who indirectly claims to be informed and gay - isn't, at the very least -acquainted- with european cabaret or even American vaudeville in some context either personally or historically, then you should have never bought the ticket. This article isnt just critical of the show but of the attendees as well. That doent just make one look like a jaded cynic, but it makes the reviewer look bitter too because the world isnt conforming to his vision of what the world should be - one where Hillary Clinton is president!