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We Live Next to an Active Volcano. Its Ghosts Are Everywhere.

The city and its tombstone... Getty Images/Mike Reid Photography



Mt. Rainier is lovely but lethal. That's why I never go farther than the cocktail lounge at the Paradise Inn.


This might be my favorite comment of yours...


@1, that is...


Rainier is especially deadly because it attracts newbies and tourists like flies but it is otherwise relatively safe when observing basic big mountain glacier climbing protocol.

Regarding Rainier lahars, the potential number of casualties could be huge but massive eruptions are often predicted weeks to months ahead. Although, as Mt St Helens showed in 1980 months of warning aren't sufficient for everyone to clear the danger zone and especially, making the call to evacuate such a populous area would be fraught with political pressure not to do so. I don't envy anyone having to make that call. Plenty of material for a script in any case.


Thank you, Charles dear.


"The debris flow . . . could reach the densely populated lowlands of Orting, Washington, about one hour after an eruption, where it would travel at the speed of 13 feet (4 meters) per second."

if one's In Orting
& they look to the S.
East alls they can see
is straight fucking up

that Lahar'd be On 'Em
by about when they
drop their groceries
& kiss their Famblys
Goodbye and


upon reflection
and google satelitte
perhaps the Famb Might
have Time to hop in the Auto
& head Away from the Lahar's most
Deadly Path -- although it's a pretty Big if

and the Warning
Heard Under-
stood and


@1: Thanks for reminding me of the Paradise Inn. Perfect place for sweaty hikers to eat well before heading back to town. And the view was, well, Paradise.


We’ll be looking for a Big Blow on November 6th.
Timing is everything!

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