Person of Interest: Raven Scott

Capitol Hill's Skipping Jestress


Thank you! I have been having the worst week. It includes thoughts like "will I cry at work, or wait until I get home?" Rich and Raven skipping has really improved my day. I will not cry at work today.
I always love seeing her skipping around, nice to read that she's such an awesome person
YES FINALLY! Important profile! Raven thank you for being one of the last people keeping Capitol Hill old school weird!
Thank you! I have always been curious about her background.
Have to admit I was not expecting "heavy equipment field service mechanic". Now I know.

If we look back at old archives of the Stranger thirty years from now, articles like this are what we'll care most about, I think. They're‚Äč about something that has value across time, and yet is forgotten if we let it be.
Raven, if you happen to be reading these comments --- I would love to get a mailbox photo with you at some point along your route!
Raven, thanks for always making my days brighter when I spot you out doing your thing! I don't live in Seattle anymore, but when I was living on Capitol Hill you were one of the experiences that confirmed it is and always will be home for me.
This brought a smile to my face. You go, skipper
Raven is one of my very favorite things about Capitol Hill. So happy to hear that she skips so often! I feel lucky to have seen her a few times.
thank you! I've been wondering about this person forever.
I love Raven! She brightens my day, and as another commenter said: one of the few people left keeping Capitol Hill weird. We need more of this.
i'm sure she's nice and all, but if I saw that coming at me i'd run.
( . . (( . ( (( <3 )) ) . )) . . )
She is a beautiful woman on Capitol Hill and deserves our support.