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I know this is an old episdoe but I am working my way through the backlog.

Anyway, about the woman who has a boyfriend who would rather watch porn. I don't have anything against the advice of walking away, but there was one thing I picked up on that she said.

She said she would want to have sex every day or perhaps twice a day if he wanted to.

Personally I have been with a woman who constantly wanted sex and even 5 minutes after having sex she wanted sex again. Not to mention she refused to masturbate herself and she was unable to get orgasms.

So I basically felt that I had to last for hours and that I should have sex for hours on end else she wouldn't be satisifed. Every time we had sex I was the one who had to say "I can't do this anymore" because she could keep going for waaay longer than me.

In the end it got so stressful for me to have sex with her since I felt like she put so much pressure on me to preform that I just didn't bother most of the time. And the times we did have sex I felt inadequate.

I would rather masturbate than have sex since I knew that sex would really be an ordeal and even if we had sex she would start nagging for more sex 5 minutes later.

I even encouraged her to masturbate on her own and bought her vibrators/dildos (with her consent of course) but she never really used them alone.

Sadly guys are expected to be up and ready the minute any woman wants to have sex with him, perhaps I would have been in my teens. But in my late twenties that doesn't work anymore.

Anyway, in the end this thing pretty much broke our relationship for me and I felt it wasn't fair to either me or her to stay with her, so I dumped her.

Just wanted to add that in here, this might not have been a problem in this relationship of course. But if someone finds themselves in the same position multiple times, perhaps this is something to consider.

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