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That was beautiful sound editing. I am in awe of that woman's breathless stream-of-consciousness rambling.
That ending may just be the most hilarious moment in this podcast yet!
Wow. That ending makes this the most hilarious podcast since the "it's just a dolphin" episode. (Plus the Marcus Bachmann jokes/references were actually funny and relevant!)

Love it.
I suspect that the "monologue" at the end was actually pieced together, with Dan's part of the conversation edited out. Funny nonetheless!
I am literally stifling a laugh in my cubicle. Is that girl for real?
I want to know what the boyfriend was looking at when he shut the laptop. The podcast ends just when she's about to reveal his secret fetish for [fill in the blank].
What a great way to end an episode! Hilarious!
Full of win.
god is there anything worse then kinky nerds? oh yeah, kinky theatre nerds. kinky sex doenst make you less unfuckable, fan girl.
um... LOL
LOL. Awesome ending.
Someone put a dick in her mouth. Please!
The method acting rape fantasy had me cracking up at my desk! Dan, you're hilarious.
That last chick was hysterical, I wish I could have seen the faces in the recording studio during that call!! Great episode.
Thank you for cutting that last caller off (superb sound editing). She was really starting to get annoying and you swooped in at just the right moment.
oh my god. least sexy rape scenario ever. i loved dan's comment- you guys are perfect for each other. she has NO self awareness, does she?
This is the BEST ending to a podcast EVER!
@ 3 What was the "it's just a dolphin" episode?
Just had to say great job Dan and TSARY, perfect ending
<3 you, girl at the end. You were wonderful. Call in again!!
The rape fantasy thing was fantastic! :D "rape musicals"
I hope that last caller's boyfriend uses a gag on her during their rape fantasy scenes...holy F balls.
Hilarious. Dan, this is why you are one of the greatest IRL trolls on the left. That girl is gonna be embarassed but she totally deserves it. Awesome to see boring, rambling nerds forced to face themselves. :D
AMEN @Skipper Jo the ending was hilarious in a sort of endearing way. I love how Dan can make fun of people and still respect them... this girl is a self-proclaimed complicated nerd, of course she's gonna talk about her issue for 30min... he acknowledged that and we can laugh about it, but he also talked about her problem in a respectful way!
@19 I think it was 208.
@ 26 Thanks!
Not sure I concur with Dan's 'simplify simplify simplify' advice to rambling-on-rape-fantasy-girl. It seemed evident that the context was important to her. There are certainly a lot of people who only engage with erotic material (fiction, erotic romance and Slash, for example) that makes a lot of its storyline, lead-up, character and context. Not all of us want to skip straight to the dirty bit.
i think i need a xanax after enduring that girl
Please, please, PLEASE be cautious when meeting someone you met online! I went to school with a girl who was murdered because of a situation like that. Also, someone once showed me pictures of himself and his "family" that I later found out (due to her presidential campaign) were of Sarah Palin's family. Creepy! That said, there are always precautions to take, and I've met plenty of great people online and never had a truly bad situation myself.
The ending was hilarious! It is pretty clear he was still talking to her and just took out his half of the conversation once it became less about advice and more about simply chatting with a charming nerdgirl, possibly about musicals since we KNOW he's very into them :D, since she went from well-spoken/complete-sentence-utilizing to fragmented swooping tangents that clearly had a trigger, but yeah, while he'd otherwise possibly (as it seems he occasionally does) find a good spot to skip to the ending where he says bye, this one either lacked a good spot to cut from or simply was so funny to piece together that her theatrics are, probably with her permission (he's actually a decent human most of the time!), our entertainment. That performance, sir, deserves an award! Take a bow, Dan, and a trio of awards go to the at-risk-not-so-youthful-youth for that spectacular voice blending! Bravo! :)

Thanks to the "it's just a dolphin" commenter--that was hilarious, too, and I'm happy to remember it :)
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