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This really makes me want to pathologize my and other women's aversion to porn. Do you think it's strictly cultural? Even though I know the strained expression on a woman's face is inevitable, and she makes noises more or less like I do, it still annoys the shit out of me; I get a strange mix of pity and jealousy. Maybe copulatory vocalization is an advertisement to men that it's time to get in line, and a cue to other females to get laid right now, because some other bitch is trying to outbreed you? Just a thought, I know not all women are as conflicted as I am about watching/hearing other ladies in action, and I truly envy them.

But then I HAVE to fantasize about gang bang scenarios to get off sometimes, and I think having a cuckold fetishist for a partner would be just the dandiest thing ever (you don't hear from us Dan, because it's a fetish that sounds too good to be true when hetero men these days are so outwardly insecure/jealous/homophobic. I'm convinced my partner couldn't handle it, unless he brought it up).

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