RE the nutless vegan
Yes, he should absolutely DTMFA! She is batshit and controlling and not worth putting up with.

*However* he was well aware of the price of admission. If the price of admission is not something he's willing to pay, then he should leave, not lie for pussy. She has the right to set the terms regarding the use of her pussy. Her rule is meat = no pussy, and she has made it clear that she feels quite strongly about this. It was out of line for him to tell her a big lie solely for the purpose of getting off.

That this is a big lie is her issue, not mine, not his. But he knew that she would consider this a big lie and a major problem. The correct response would have been "yes, I ate meat. It was yummy. I want sex anyway. If you can't handle my normal dietary variation, then hit the road" (can be phrased differently).

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