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Dan, don't ever stop complaining about iPhone and Android people's complaints. I was almost in tears listening. Angry Dan is the funniest thing ever.
to the second caller with the boyfriend who can't get over her past: I was like that with my husband in the beginning. The situation was slightly different in that I was in love with him and he was dating other women for 6 years before we got together (And I dated a grand total of one person for 6 months in all that time). So I won, in the end I beat them all in so many ways and we've been married 3 wonderful years and its fantastic. But all the others were right in front of my face and to varying degrees a part of my life for 6 years so I knew them well and the images in my head had real faces and personalities for me to measure myself against. Once early in our relationship I got so jealous i vomited. (Weirdly I was never as jealous before he was mine only after.) My point to all this is I got over it. I sucked it up and I stopped making him feel like shit for not choosing me right away and I can confidently say I genuinely am over it. I hope this is inspirational for you and your boyfriend. Jealousy is an awful weirdly uncontrolable feeling but with time and love confidence builds and jealousy slips away. Good luck.
Oh Dan, thanks for this advice for the 22yo guy. I was in that place 3 months ago, and while I've mostly moved on, the points you make about wanting to know were right on point (why should I be suprised though?). Thank you Savage.
Thank you Dan! I was cheering you on the whole time you were telling the girl to with the insecure boyfriend who can't get over her past to DTMFA. I went through the something pretty similar and learned that there is nothing attractive about an insecure man. You put it perfectly, how her path led her to him and if he can't accept it then it's to the curb. Otherwise she will end up cheating on him b/c he puts the idea in her head constantly, and she will have to do it to give him an excuse to dump her after she does the *unthinkable.* Sounds like a master manipulater, and she has been blinded.

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