Savage Love Episode 218


God.... I ran into one of these "body electric" fruitcakes last year.

It's naked men touching each other.

The lengths these people will go through to convince people it's "not gay" is amazing.

I've found that it's mostly run by older (gay) guys who have a straight-guy fetish, who will go through the most incredulous mental gymnastics to convince everyone around them that men getting naked and touching each-other's genitals is somehow "not gay". "I don't like labels". Well, gee. if it quacks like a duck....
Dan, I loved the spot-on analysis of the contemptuous blowjob recipient! Passive voice is a dead giveaway that you are not taking responsibility for yourself! And I thought of the Onion article too!!
Yes bravo on diagnosing the closet case. I'll admit I thought of that Onion article before you mentioned it, I'm surprised it was all the way back from 1998 though!
The guy that wets his bed needs to do male kegel exercises. Just google it and it comes up. I wet the bed in my youth and occasionally in my teens, then rarely when I drank a lot in my early twenties. Then I read a Men's Health article how to exercise my PC muscles. When you pee you just make it stop without hands a few times, it is supposed to make your penis stronger and control ejaculation, but it also helps bedwetting, haven't done it about 15 years.
Shhh! don't give away the secret. All the Jews in every Major US city take over the clubs and have massive parties on Christmas Eve!! and then for 2AM dim sum drunk feasting.