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Re: The 12 year married man who called about his menopausal wife not wanting enough sex.

He sounds like an entitled, whiny and selfish ass. He completely misinterpreted Dan's usual advice regarding sexless marriages. I'm glad Dan set him straight. Marriage is about compromise and it sounds like this guy thinks he deserves more than he does.

Wow. Could the girl who went to the frat party be more of a stereotype?
There are indeed many late in life lesbians. There's a great message board community for LiLLs called www.askjoanne.net. Joanne is a therapist who holds weekend retreats for late in lifers.

In all the hype about it gets better, do remember though that there is no magical, pixie dust covered rainbow land of gay goodness. Gay folks are people, too, with all the craptastic stuff that that includes. They can be assholes and while they'll understand the coming out process, there isn't some group of gays waiting to enfold you. I say this more to Dan than the caller because one of my good friends went back into the closet after having romanticized the gay community she'd find at a woman's college.

However, Ask Joanne is about as close to a really kind, loving gay community you'll find--still with its share of assholes, though.
love you, dan, but 4+ minutes for your intro is too long. just thought i'd make the suggestion that you scatter the things you have to say around the entire podcast, in between calls and such... because as much as i love hearing what you've got to say, i am clicking because i want to hear the sexy stuff first and foremost, as are most of your listeners. again, just want to reiterate that i really like hearing your points of view on things, which are usually very much in sync with mine; just not for 4+ minutes at the beginning of the show. xxoo
I can imagine some douchey-looking "seduction professional" infomercial right now: "Hey dudes and bros, it's all about your /game/, man. Do you got it? Like, you probably don't even know about this word. /The/ word. The blow-job access code, man. "Formulaic." The ladies can't resist this. Just drop that bomb at that party you got invited to, man, and in minutes--minutes--your dick's gettin' licked. All this and more in my book for just 19.99!!"
To the Girl at Frat Party,
As a reformed frat boy myself I can tell you one thing everybody forgets. Frat boys got into college. They are just as educated and intelligent as everyone else who got into your college. But for once in there lives want to live in an environment where they can be drunken assholes and not be held to the kind of personal conduct standards that apply in a collegiate in environment. But remember they can be eloquent when needed. So he is the gentleman you remember and the asshole who's getting hi-fives.
i'm the "lesbian homewrecker" from this episode and i just wanted to say thank you, Dan, and thank you to the caller who left his comments in podcast 220.

about the guy trying to decide whether or not to marry his girlfriend... Dan says, in paraphrase, "don't wait for 'the one,' because it may or may not ever happen and you may not ever realize when it does." Hm... well, I'm sure that is true for many people. On the OTHER hand, I truly felt that struck by lightning "true love" twice (not at the same time). The first time, I left the relationship anyway due to differences about our life goals that were incompatible. The second time, I got married. And I'm even happier with my husband than my friends even know - I hate to sound like I'm bragging, right? So I'm bragging here for the purpose of reminding people that you really totally can have that thing people write about. It is real, so don't let Dan get ya jaded. :)
The conversation between the fratty elf girl and Mr. Savage was amazing. Because that is pretty much the conversation that I hope/could have with him. My life would be complete if I could get Dan to say that he would give me blowjob.
The "hemming and hawing" guy drove me crazy! That kind of indecisiveness just killed me. I feel for that poor girlfriend.
Shame on you, Dan/TSARY. 'Co-ed' is an adjective used to describe some (really, most) institutions -- not a person, and not a noun.

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