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As someone who practices BDSM (and I hope I never get it right) - wonderful show. Thank you so much for presenting alternative lovemaking as normal. And I truly hope that young woman finds trust again with another partner who will love her and bring her fantasies to light.
Great show!

By the way, I would think the plural of dominatrix is dominatrices. The only other -atrix word in English is matrix, the plural of which is matrices.
Awesome--always love Matisse!
Re: "rape fantasies are fine cuz it's evolution"

The dude has not considered that cuckold fantasies may well be an evolutionary strategy. Consider: the sperm of some men competes best by being fastest to the egg. The sperm of other men competes best by creating deformed sperm which block the pathway to the egg from competitors. Finally, some men's sperm competes best by attacking foreign sperm - that is, latching onto it and slowing it down.

If a man with the third type of aggressive sperm doesn't ever encounter foreign sperm, the aggressive sperm may in fact hinder itself from reaching the egg. Having a competitor allows the goal-oriented sperm a chance while the aggressive sperm attacks the competitor. Thus, a man will develop the subconscious cuckold fetish in order to make this situation occur.

BTW, I'm just making the argument here, for Anti-Kink Douchebag "Evolutionist" Friend to consider.
Is it just me who is getting from the innuendo that Dan fuck Mistress M straight?
Jakers... Dan Savage is gayer than a pink poodle. He hasn't fucked a woman since he was a teenager.
@Brie Stranger things have happened.

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