Savage Love Episode 330


Aww - Oppression Olympics right off the bat? I hope nobody took that to mean that the whole event was planned as a slightly nasty joke. (Then again, it could just sound like OO on radio; after all, radio listeners thought Nixon won the Kennedy debate.)

My impression of Mr Rich was that, while he was not without wit, he seemed a sort of example to be held up to the audience along the line of If This Weed Can Be Coupled There's Hope For You All. Perhaps he comes across better in person.

I could be prejudiced, though, as I am acquainted with a Simon Rich who would have made a marvelous guest; he's something one might get if one crossed Bruce Vilanch with Bea Arthur (the Maude version).

Ms Matisse seems potentially an excellent reader for audio books.
"My impression of Mr Rich was that, while he was not without wit, he seemed a sort of example to be held up to the audience along the line of If This Weed Can Be Coupled There's Hope For You All."

Come on. Rich has authored five books. One of them is being made into a movie. He was a writer for Saturday Night Live, and currently writes for the New Yorker. Like *this* guy is gonna have trouble finding a girlfriend?...
Re: breakup-prohibitive holidays - oops, I guess. The last person I broke up with - the long term boyfriend who I finally cut loose before I met my husband - was a Thanksgiving casualty. Like, at three in the morning, the day he and his mother were supposed to join my family for dinner. What can I say, after I drove five hours to his house after a rehearsal for a Shakespeare play in which I played the ingenue, the asshole literally pushed me out of bed because he couldn't stomach the fact that I was "kissing someone else" before I came home. (Okay, it was Romeo and Juliet. But he was worried about the wrong guy - I later married the guy who directed me in that play, not the actor playing opposite me.) After three years of the same argument, it didn't matter that it was Thanksgiving. I was over it. I did feel bad for his mom, though.
A story from Simon Rich about how men do serious work like creating the world and women prattle on about meaningless work and are too needy in relationships? Really?? What was new, or interesting, or funny about that? How did that even get on this show? Yuck. And I felt terrible for Audrey that she had to share a stage with him and then deal with Dan's joke about crazy bitches.
@1, @4, Yeah I have to agree. Simon came off as a moderately sized douche in this podcast. The story he told: Himself as God, his girlfriend as a whiny brat, and yet despite this he magnanimously throws away command of the universe to be with her because he's such a Nice Guy. The whole thing just seemed arrogant and narcissistic. It was kind of funny, but the ooze of arrogance loomed larger. In addition, he replied to every single one of dan's and the callers' questions in a sarcastic, unserious manner. Maybe it's just me, but people like that...ehh. Dan does this too, but he also gives sincere advice.
Ms Taken - This was my first impression of him, and all I could say was that he sounded weedy. My guess is that it's part of his shtick. I did say that perhaps he comes across better in person - Nixon-Kennedy again.

Ms Rachel - Given that it's based on partial information, I'm inclined to agree, but would guess that there was a huge sarcastic tone to the entire event. After all, it was a Singles Only Event hosted by one of the Ten Most Married People in America.

Ms Cynic - His mother is definitely in the most interesting position in your story. So many possibilities.
I have never wished to live in Seattle until I heard this show. So sorry I missed it.
If this was truly the "best" of the Neptune Theatre show, I cringe. Simon Rich blathering on endlessly about nothing? Dan blathering on endlessly about single vs. couples? Ridiculous childishness about straight boy butt play? Oh, and a bare handful of softball sex questions? Please. There were four good things about the show: Nancy's voice in reading the questions, Matisse's answers (especially the one about incorporating pleasurable sensations with new sensations; front AND back) the whole nipple play moaning thing, and, oh wait, I guess it was only three things.
@ 8
@9 Nancy, you're welcome. Maybe some of the most entertaining stuff doesn't transfer to a podcast format and that's why I'm being a wet blanket.
@10: No, you're not off base. The sound of Nancy's voice is, scientifically speaking, the 2nd most consistently satisfying thing about the Savage Lovecast.
Wow, EXACTLY what Rachel W. said (which others seem to agree with as well.) Seriously, I'm supposed to think this little putz is some kind of wunderkind because he can make oh-so-original jokes about oversensitive, shrewish girlfriends who need to be condescended to and indulged with--get this--low-fat yogurt? Har har har, it's hilarious, because teh wimminz love low-cal things and yogurt, amirite? Sorry, but any douchebag complaining at a bar could publish a book full of such tired old cliches. Btw, I am also an unmarried, childless 20-something and I too could write a fluffy, comic piece about farting husbands and kids ruining their parents' sex lives. Can I be famous too? Can all the other people who have also seen a sitcom at some point in their lives and who are therefore equally capable of such a task?

Hearing his long resume contrasted with his actual work didn't impress me with how accomplished he was for his age. It just reminded me how low the bar really is for wealthy, well-connected white boys. (I looked him up on wikipedia out of curiosity. Looks like he's the son of Frank Rich, the NY Times columnist, and a mother who's a big shot in the publishing industry. Yeah, he really clawed his way up from obscurity on talent alone!)

Honestly, Dan, I'm extremely disappointed. You usually have much funnier, wiser, and/or more interesting guests. Did you owe this kid's parents a favor or something?
Either start doing vodcasts, or stop doing these.

I love Seattle, but I don't live there, so it's not really fair for you to say "You should've been there!"
I actually liked Mr. Rich (I thought the story was cute and funny), unlike the rest of the commenters, but the fact is, I don't think this worked all that well. There were barely any questions, the ones there were barely took any time to answer, and the other stuff that happened wasn't actually that entertaining because we couldn't see it (the clothespins, the butt plugs, etc.) I'm sure it was a great event, but it was pretty clearly a "you had to be there" kind of thing.

Next time, Dan, I think you should throw your party and talk about it at the top of the next show, rather than try to combine the party and Lovecast. It'll be better for us listeners, I think.
I liked the entire thing ... it was a change of pace if nothing else. After 300 episodes, it's very very very rare something new comes up. I mostly listen to Dan's rants and to shake my head at society, ha.

Aside, does anyone remember, maybe a year or two ago there was a guest on the show who had some sort of site in beta that was supposed to show off user-submitted "normal people" sex. I remember signing up for an invitation, but never heard anything back. Can anyone remember what the site was, and what has come of it? Sorry this is so vague.
@15 I believe was it. Generally speaking, I think we listeners were not so terribly impressed.
I have a huge smile on my face right now listening to the podcast of your Valentine episode! We lived on the corner of Broadway and John and liked to walk downtown via Pike. I remember spotting Babeland when it first opened. Within their first few days I think. They didn't have much in there....but the pink rabbit called out and then followed us home. I miss Seattle..... Thank you Dan for bringing me a bit of the NW. BTW, I hope Pike has come up in the world since then.
@16 @15 Yes, it was MakeLoveNotPorn, but episode 308 was less than six months ago. I'm not sure why you thought it was "a year or two ago"!

I guess some people didn't like Cindy Gallop's accent, but I was surprised to hear that, and frankly I find it kind of discriminatory.
I strongly agree that starting up a website takes patience and engaged, continuous involvement with your audience and neighboring communities.

Simon Rich's story was incredibly misogynistic. He's clearly a funny and talented guy, but Mistresse Matisse should smack some feminism into him.
Sounds like a good time was had.
Was a great show and gave me a well needed laugh in the morning
@ 4 - I really didn't interpret it the same way you did. Remember, "God" was working to pay off his student loans and they went to see Argo together. Kate, "God's" girlfriend, worked in retail and was slammed because of Fashion Week. It seems like a stretch for the speaker to be God creating the Earth in the literal sense. I personally interpreted the speaker to be a guy who believed his job - this job to pay off his student loans that was eating all of his time - was way more important than it really was. And in the end, he realized what mattered to him most was his relationship.
@18: Her accent wasn't the problem- her speaking style was really annoying. She kept constantly breaking in with "mm"s and "mmhmms" and then shushing Dan.