Savage Love Episode 340


I am commenting 4 months after the show, sorry. I have a pelvic floor chronic pain condition. My heart goes out to the young couple in a sexless relationship because of this. My journey, (and my preternaturally patient husband's) toward sexual healing took a quantum leap when I learned to, gently and with baby steps, embrace the pain. Lean into it, and eventually reclaim it through kink. Once the association between pain and sex had been hardwired, the only way to reclaim sexuality, for me, was to own that, own my fear of the pain, and (gently) explore pain. The only way to create a safe space for any kind of sex play (not just penetration) was to take a deep breath and with a very brave vulnerability look into my fear of pain. I love that Dan recommended, great site to start looking for help. Hope that makes sense and if it is at all helpful, then, YAY!