Reminds me of the popular meme on our Congressmonsters: "Don't you hate people who take government money and refuse to work?"

At this point, the best possible outcome is a coup d'etat that sends them all to jail.
If Donald Trump gets himself nominated (and that's an "if" I'm rooting against), I truly hope that could trigger a Democratic landslide that puts the Senate back in the "D" column. That still won't fix Republican obstructionism, but it will be a start.

But we can take some solace in the fact that they're obstructing themselves at the moment.
Heads on pikes.
this is all posturing before they start negotiating with the white house. look for continuing resolutions ad infinitum.
I'm sure all members of congress are using the recess to go on junkets with lobbyists. They couldn't possibly be spending any time in their districts or meeting with their constituents.
That's a good start.
"Heads on pikes." That's a good start.
"Heads on pikes." What a good idea. Maybe someone should try marching down the Mall with some paper mache heads on pikes to get that message across to the Republicans. And pitchforks. And torches.

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