Og my god. You mean the DNC in order to mount a $200 million dollar event hosting thousands of people broadcast on every major network had to resort to advertising?!?

Good the The Stranger and your salary isn't so dependent on such crass means.

Oh. Wait.
Stupid corporate iPhone
"Oh my god..."
"Good thing the Stranger.."
everyone talks shit on the TPP. no one ever gives specifics.

Donald Trump couldn't tell you what's in it if you held a gun to his head. neither can most Progressive. they just know it's "job-killing".…
Nothing to see here. Just corporate cash flowing to politicians. You'd have to be crazy to think that this type of money corrupts our system. Besides, raising this topic only helps Trump! So go about your business, America. Our big money people will look out for your interests.
If it were a wedding, the bride's father would pay for it. If it's a convention...maybe they should take tips from the San Diego ComicCon? Sounds like fun to me. I think I see Pokemon in their future.
"To get to the Democratic National Convention, you take the subway to the AT&T Station and walk to the Wells Fargo Center. Along the way, you’ll stroll by the Comcast Xfinity Live complex, where delegates and honored guests can booze it up. "

So it's the Democrats fault that a center sold its naming rights to Wells Fargo, that the city sold naming rights to AT&T for a station, that Comcast owns an entertainment complex and puts its name on it? Well OK then. It's also their fault we have Century Link Field and Safeco.

The article may have a point about money and corporate influence, but these are pretty terrible examples. These are cities being underfunded and resorting to naming rights to make up for lost revenue, these are billionaires who get tax breaks to build stadiums and then still manage to sell naming rights for more money because billionaires gotta billionaire, and, well, what is the issue with the Xfinity Life complex other than it being Comcast and Comcast is terrible? Is Nike not allowed to own Nike stores? And god help every Stranger editor/writer who uses Apple products, because there are APPLE stores out there!

Oh, but wait, that's all the fault of the DNC. Got it.
News Flash Kids: everything broadcast on network television, literally EVERY. FUCKING. THING is paid for by corporations, from the top-rated series you love to watch, to the news, to your favorite sportsball contests, to the worst piece-of-shite reality programs you loathe with a passion, and everything in-between. Corporations pay for these in the form of commercial advertising and sponsorships, so you don't have to. It is precisely why television exists: not to broadcast the shows; those are just enticements to get you to watch the REAL product television offers, namely, the commercials. Why in the name of all that's Good And Holy would anyone above the level of a six year old imagine a national political convention aired simultaneously by every major broadcast and cable news network in the country would be any different?
Along the way, you’ll stroll by the Comcast Xfinity Live complex

A couple of decades from now, we'll all be saying, "Remember back in the 'Teens, when every 'sports entertainment complex' or regional casino had 'Live!' in its name, and every other new bar the word 'social?'"
Really, you back up your post with a Trump quote?!?

That tells us a lot, yes indeed!
Bad photo.
Very stupid.
Pointless, unless point is to disrespect USA, which would confirm their stupidity.
Oh, and the "Clinton was Muslim-Baiting" is total bullshit. Read the comments on the site where it is posted. Total misinterpretation of what he said.

Clinton's remarks about Muslims were remarkably similar to the rest of the paragraph. It all fits into the same theme. If you are an individual that suffers from discrimination or hardship due to your situation, work with us (the Democrats) to fix things. You are not the enemy, you are Americans, and together we will win.

Not too hard to understand. Black people suffer from police discrimination as well as crime (more than white people). Immigrants suffer from discrimination as well as lack of resources. Muslims suffer from discrimination as well as terrorism (more than any other religion). Trump's solution is to isolate, and blame the victim in every one of these cases. The Democratic solution is the opposite.

If you want to misinterpret the sentences about Muslims, why stop there? Here, I'll help you: "If you love this country, you’re working hard, you’re paying taxes, you’re obeying the law and you’d like to become a citizen...". Oh, I get it. Immigrants don't always pay their taxes, and illegal immigrants, by definition, aren't obeying the law. Why single us out, gringo?

Total bullshit. In every one of these cases Bill Clinton is doing the same thing. He is pointing out to everyone that the group he is referring to is largely made up of people that contribute a lot to society and that we want to help them. It seems silly to point that out, but (believe it or not) a lot of Americans aren't very smart (many don't believe in either climate change or evolution). He is also pointing out that by working with these groups, we help solve the problems (again, a point that should be obvious).

It was a good speech, and like most speeches by Democrats this year, is basically trying to explain to the idiots out there that unless you are very rich or a very mean, racist, xenophobic bastard, your life will be better under a Democratic administration.
Which of the referenced structures puts down American flags on the sidewalk to have passersby tread on it? Or is that merely an intentionally inflammatory choice of image to draw eyes to the article, and possibly drive viewers to the comments section, where more ads are loaded?

@1, 8, 10, 12: Yup.

Just another "quality" post by Ansel Herz, who can't see past the tip of his own nose.
Hi Ansel,
I really liked this post. It's refreshing to read something that is not pandering to fear mongering. I appreciate the articles that both you and Charles have been writing for The Stranger during this election cycle. I wish I could say that about other writes too.
You must all remember that advertising lots the bill for everything here; no ads, no Stranger, slog, etc. I remember in the mid nineties when the Stranger could not resist the lure of tobacco money.
@4 That's bugged me lately as well. If you're not satisfied with your link, Krugman has also been been covering the TPP. In short, it's not "job-killing", nor is it as great as proponents want us to believe. The nastiest bits in it are U.S. media companies looking to strengthen IP laws abroad. I know why tobacco and pharma are miffed, no idea why some progressives are so up in arms over it.…
Boy oboy this Herz.

Beinert's reading of the Muslim quote was uncharacteristically wack, as others have noted.

Big things cost big bucks, and not just this party this year.

And self-quoting to burnish your reputation as a prophet of doom? Believe me, your reputation precedes you.
I see the sycophantism is strong today. (Quoting Trump ≠ endorsing Trump, people. Come the fuck on.)

@15: Real recognize real.
This is what Immaturity looks like!
This is what Immaturity looks like!
This is what Immaturity looks like!
@20: It is not sycophantism, it is people tired of your incredibly shitty, slanted, and naïve "reporting."

The fact that you think you are any kind of "real" is just proof how deep your lack of self-awareness goes. A little cherry right on top.

There was one (1) comment admonishing you about including a Trump tweet. There was a single (1) complimenting you, from an account that has posted on SLOG a total of four (4) times.

There were ten (10) comments admonishing you for your sophomoric, hypocritical "man, fuck the corporations!" shtick and shallow interpretations of the facts included in this post.

You chose to respond to the Trump tweet and pretend that's what everyone in the comments section was seizing on, and blow a kiss back to your sole fan.

I've been trying to not be so critical of your posts lately, because I know it must be hard to put work out there, knowing that you're likely to only get negativity back, but when you insult most of the commenters with your lazy ad hominem strawman, you're making it far more difficult than it should be.

If this is your definition of "real," then even a vulgarity-laced, THC-soaked, self-described liberal rag like the Stranger is too august an institution for you.

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