Easily the weirdest fact to emerge about the president in the last year has just been cleared up.
Easily the weirdest fact to emerge about the president lately has just been cleared up. Jose Gil / Shutterstock.com

As everyone knows, it's not possible to eat just seven almonds. That's a fact. Almonds are so delicious, especially Blue Diamond Roasted Salted almonds, that it's scientifically impossible not to stop until you've eaten at least 30. Which is why it was so weird to read in the New York Times last month that Obama's "friends say his only snack at night is seven lightly salted almonds."

That statement was corroborated by Obama's personal chef, who told the New York Times, “Michelle and I would always joke: Not six. Not eight. Always seven almonds.”

For a while there, lots of people were talking almonds on Twitter:

But today brings the news that it's not true!

Take it away, Mr. President:

The New York Times today has noted their mistake.

As an almond aficionado (I don't care how many gallons of water it takes), I was relieved to hear the president add, "But, you know, almonds are a good snack. I strongly recommend them." Can we get him a third term?