I just heard him talk about it on KUOW and it sure sounds like he's running interference for Reichert
It's only a zombie candidacy because of the zombie voters who either didn't or couldn't read the newspapers when he announced he was dropping out.
I can't believe you morons thought that voting for Ventrella would be "funny". Had an actual chance to flip a house seat and a bunch of mindless lemmings probably looked at your voters guide and just checked off "Ventrella". I've touted your voters guide to lots of people in the past....NEVER AGAIN. Please don't get involved in elections anymore.
pretty sure Tony can only vote once, so then, how is it he's a problem again?
There is no chance to win the 8th. There never was.
That's too bad, I like Tony, although his politics are too liberal for me. It's good that he did drop out of the race, in order to avoid losing. As a consequence, he did help his Republican rival.
So, which is worse, what's happening in the 8th Congressional or the State Treasurer race?
Frank Drebin will keep this district because the Eastside bigots love him.
Yeah, if the "viable" Democratic candidate is losing to a zombie candidate, then I think we need to admit the obvious and realize that this seat is not a "flippable" position. Reichert's gonna keep his seat anyway, since EVEN the #2 is still less than 20%. Trying to make this into a controversy is wasting time and paper.
Flipping the 8th might have been do-able before the last redistricting, but when Slade Gorton added those eastern washington counties to the 8th, it became impossible. Reichert is congressman for life, at least until less-gerrymandered districts can be created.
Don't forget thought to always vote the straight Stranger ticket, warts and all.
Kick harder.
p.s. If Tony won 17.5%of statewide votes, he won 170% of votes in the 8th CD where he's (no longer) running.

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