HA HA HA!!! Maybe the Democrats and their talking head minions should double down on taking a shit on everyone who even thinks about disagreeing with them in the next election? I mean it fucking worked so well fucking Donald Trump was able to rob an election.

Identity politics: it's not good for you...ever.
Its important to understand that the Republican part is a machine built to cut taxes on rich people, deregulate commerce and advance the whims of the holy rollers. It is incapable of doing anything else. The real menace of the Trump Administration is not Donald Trump - its the Republican party.

If anything, Trump is preferable to an establishment GOP figure like, say, Ted Cruz. Who would be pursuing the exact same policies but he'd be doing it with savvy and discretion.
Those who advocate for conversion therapy are basically asking the individual standing in front of them to die, to disappear and never come back, to be erased from history. That is a true extermination. Everyone needs to wrap their minds around that. And they do so in spite of imperial evidence that shows it is impossible to make such a fundamental change in anyone's character. You can talk folks into suppression and they will act out their frustrations in self destructive ways, however, there will be no true change in orientation or attraction. There will only be abuse of the person being subjected to the treatment. The perpetrators deserve doing time in jail.
I'm not religious, but I'm totally willing to pray away the neo-nazis.
Without identity there would be no politics.

And how are conservatives shit upon by liberals exactly? Safe spaces? Political correctness? Multi-culturalism!?

@ 8, These are people that flip out in a racist tirade after hearing "para español, marque el numero dos" on a recorded message. The bar for RepubliKKKan voters' hateful resentment is already insanely low.
And it should be called "conversion torture."
Jesus fuck. This is Erin Jones all over again. Can't you even MENTION the abomination of having a Secretary of Education who wants to dismantle public education and turn it over to religious and corporate schools? Break the teachers' unions and have professionals replaced by nuns and crazy-eyes homeschoolers?

Yes, torturing gay kids is bad. But if you think 100% identity politics and ignoring right-wing economics (whether practiced by the Rs or the Ds) is the way to go, you haven't learned much from the results of November 8, 2016.
I'm with #11 - the absolute insult that "conversion therapy" is to human beings coupled with DeVos and her Amway billionaire husband's desire for vouchers for everyone to shop for a school is criminal.

Charter schools have started to undermine the public education system and vouchers will destroy it. Whatever you think about public education, vouchers are not the answer. Milwaukee has had them for decades and you don't hear great things about education there.

I don't think identity politics is the way to go - examination of people being placed in high offices is.

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