House Republicans held a shady, late night vote to gut/kill the Office of Congressional Ethics. However, thanks to a public uproar on social media and voters like YOU calling their congresspeople, the House has reversed their decision. President-elect Trump, who made several pre-election promises to "drain the swamp" was also forced to pooh-pooh the GOP congress, tweeting that they should be focusing on "things of far greater importance." While some media outlets are reporting that the Republicans decided to reverse their decision after reading Trump's tweets, the real heroes in this situation are the people who took to social media and called their congresspeople to scream and yell about this obvious miscarriage of justice. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN 2017, TEAM! And remember this advice from Steve Benen at MSNBC:

Shame works. Most of the time, Trump seems immune to shame and public pressure, but this morning is a reminder that congressional Republicans occasionally care about public humiliation. Had there not been a public backlash, there’s little doubt the rules gambit would have been approved by the House GOP majority.

And in the process, an interesting precedent has been set. If there are similar public backlashes when Republicans consider gutting health care plans, eliminating Wall Street safeguards, slashing tax rates on billionaires, or any number of other far-right priorities, just how far will GOP members stick out their necks to pursue unpopular ideas? This debacle over ethics serves as a reminder of what pressure can do.