Andy tweets serious political stuff all day, every day. So much for journalistic standards. You guys are an embarrassment.
Jesus fucking Christ, is reactions to this guy's tweets all we're going to hear about for another 4 years? Kill me now and throw my carcass to the trolls.
Wow, thanks for this. I have an LL Bean catalogue I was about to throw out, but now I can order the shirt I wanted. As. Longtime Bean customer, I hated to think Trump endorsed them.
On a side note, there's a good This American Life episode about L. L. Bean's return policy, the lengths they go fulfill their absurdly generous lifetime guarantee; and the lengths people will go to return things (e.g. returning two-decade-old slippers, buying things up on Ebay, and returning them).

Not sure if this has anything to do with Trump...
See Chuck Todd.
See, this is what happens when we allow every single last little detail of our lives to become saturated with politics. We are now reduced to analyzing tweets for hidden meanings and for whether we are being manipulated into boycotting this or that right or wrong person or whatever.

I, for one, am not going to live my life this way. I refuse to cede that much control over my life to Donald Trump.

So how about this: you like LL Bean's products? Their customer service? Then buy their stuff. They don't have the right size or color or design? Then don't.

Simple as that.
@2 Dramatic much?
If she's still on the board, in what sense has L.L. Bean done anything to distance themselves from her?

The important thing to know is that crony capitalism is the new order, centered on one man's likes and dislikes. The management of every corporation owes it to their stockholders to flatter Donald Trump personally, and to flatter him better than competitors. Alternatively, companies have to sue him, personally, for the damages he causes their business. That is probably not a viable model. While branding a company as friendly to consumers opposed to Trump might attract customers, the potential losses from regulatory action by Trump bureaucrats, enforcing laws passed by a Trump Congress, and adjudicated by Trump judges makes the financial risk far greater than any increased market share. Consumers eventually tire of boycotts, and will resume buying from corporations with hated policies, because convenience is all that really matters to any consumer.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the Trump government will work the laws in your company's favor will be to give the man saleable propaganda to demonstrate he is achieving his goals. You should help Trump convince the public he, personally, is creating or saving jobs. As when North Koreans credit the Dear Leader with every good harvest or completed project, it's imperative to loudly announce that every business expansion, every round of hiring, is credited to Donald Trump. Deals that were publicly known before Trump's election are difficult, though not impossible, to portray as Trump's handiwork. But any economic expansion that was not documented prior to Trump must be credited to him.

Trump's favorites will reap profits and gain market share, and enjoy maximum, even unlimited, regulatory freedom. Any corporate officer who not only plays ball with Trump, but delivers the Potemkin Village he demands, is literally stealing from his company.
Great article without swears. Finally an author trying to appeal to a crowd other than 13 year olds!
Another fucking idiot Stranger White Millennial. Thanks for letting us all know about this LL Bean that we've probably never heard of. Complete with analysis of tweets from a comedian. A+ journalism!
Maybe one way to "resist Trump" would be not to hang on his every tweet and base your lives around the secret messages you or never-has-been comedians "discover" within them.
@7 I despaired a little I guess.
So, for J20, we need to stage a protest in DC- a "You're-a-peein'" protest.

Try to get in the PEEOTUS' sight and whip it out. Urinate on any nearby Republican, doesn't matter which one. We are here to rain on their parade.
Important to remember that L.L. Bean store in Freeport Maine is open 24 hours a day, every day, even Leap Years.
@8 Would you excise your sister or brother or father or mother from your life if they voted Trump?
Of all the things to worry about Donald Trump fucking up on for the next four years this is about the most pointless problem.

And how do you SJW's plan on maintaining this level of manufactured "outrage" over the next four to eight years? There comes a point that for you to be considered a legitimate form of opposition you need to pick your battles and fight for the important issues and leave the bullshit items alone. THIS is a bullshit item.
Jesus, some cranky people on this thread.
@15 No, but I would certainly take her off the board of the business my livelihood depends on if she was going on TV and making an ass out of herself by supporting an unqualified and unqualified bigot.
regardless - if she is one of ten, one of fifty, etc a percentage of sales will go to DONALD TRUMP. Cancelling my catalog today after 30 years.
@15 pretty close, because he policies literally threaten the short and long term health and safety of me and other family and friends whom I love - AND that was very clear during the campaign. It is quite amazing that you apparently still believe his and the GOP's current objectives are benign.
@20: Wrong - it's better to show your better side and keep them in your life as there are more important factors than politics. Avoid pouting and feeling sorry for yourself. And who knows? They might change their opinions - so why create unnecessary rifts?
LL Bean sells wonderful dog beds.
@21 - Fuck you.
So here's the deal- millions of Americans lied to pollsters and voted for an ignorant bigot. So when I find out who they were, I'm gonna do what I can to avoid doing any business with them. If I have a choice you're damn skippy my money is going to people who care about their country. Maybe this Bean is the only crazy Bean, I don't know. Does REI have any crazy people on its board?
Great quality merchandise and exemplary customer service. Based on that, I'll continue to be a customer. Most of corporate America overtly or covertly supported Trump because he's one of their own class. If we start boycotting every American business where some of the corporate leadership actively supported Trump, we'd restrict ourselves to only buying foreign-made merchandise from non-US vendors. Who would ultimately be hurt and pay the price for that? American workers.

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