How much has her family paid each Republican Senator?
She shamelessly plagiarized her freaking Senate questionairre and RepubliKKKans still confirmed her.

What’s incredible is the chaos and confusion Twitler wrought in only two weeks without the majority of his cabinet confirmed. Once they’re all in place and taking wrecking balls to destroy their departments and communities that they serve, the disaster will be overwhelming.

Talk about white incompetence. Yeesh!!
This election has been nothing less than historic, and in an historic event, Mike Pence just did his best to ensure future children will not actually learn that.

"I never thought leopards would eat MY face," sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

- most of the fundamentally stupid people who voted for Trump because they thought a chaos candidate sounded like fun.
It's not just republicans to blame for her. Cory Booker worked with her as an ally for "school choice" as they like to call it. I call it a license to steal public funds and children's minds.

Booker helped give her legitimacy. Stop getting mad about this shit when it's not your party doing the wrecking. Booker should be primaried within an inch of his political life. All of these people are to blame for Trump's monstrosity of a cabinet.
Of course the GOP confirmed her, they need uneducated voters, whom have never been taught to reason, or they'd be out of a job!

We can fight this, volunteer to tutor struggling kids, keep track of what Devos does, call your legislators every week, and VOTE. in.every.election!!!

Hey Rich,

In keeping with your recent interest in Orwell's Politics and the English Language, can I suggest a replacement? Instead of the responsibilities dodging, watered-down "One wonders" you should say "I wonder" or "We should wonder." We should all wonder, but you shouldn't disguise your wondering as some universal mystery that does make everyone wonder.


P.S. Historical?
Hm, it's almost like billionaires are actually bad people.
I already feel dumber
Terrible but not unexpected news. Let's not forget these privatizers have been enabled for decades by 3rd way Democrats who were more than happy to go along with "schools are failing for lack of choice" mantra rather than lack of funding.
In any other realm, DeVos' 'job interview', the hearing, would have nullified her hire. If I were a manager and someone came in for an interview and performed that poorly, there would be NO WAY I would hire her. It's proof positive that partisanship is a cancer on our democracy.

Anyone remember the "Contact Thom Tillis because he's not sure how to vote and he's looking for input!" bullshit from last week? Yep, it was totally bullshit.
the quid pro quo isn't the donations. it's the services her brother provided coercing comey.
Vacant mind comfort gets my vote.
I'd ask somebody to explain it to me, but I suspect it's largely inexplicable. Aren't Trump supporters the ones most likely to be livid/agitated about "Obamaphones" (the GW Bush expansion of the Lifeline Phone program to cellphones)? If they can't stand the idea that someone is getting "free cellphones" (which are not free, merely subsidized to the tune of $9.25 a month), how are they going to tolerate black and brown people getting "free private school?"
"Private school tuition costs, on average, nearly $11,000 per year"

In Seattle, try 30K a year, and they already have full enrollment. Sorry poor kids.
This is sad news. But as anon1256 @11 points out, all politicians are responsible for this travesty.. Dem or Rep. The lead up to this is decades long at this point.

TrumpBannon is a symptom, not the cause. Both parties have been engaging in the erosion of public schools (and the indebting of college students), not to mention weak-format 'soundbite' political "debate" that does little to add depth to any discussion. They *both* want a dumber and more emotionally excitable populace --and have worked for it-- so that we can be more easily manipulated. And lo, a master manipulator shows up... voila. Here we are, confirming a person that will push state money to religious schools. Great.

The USA was founded specifically as a non-religious state, yet the Hypochristians and brainwashers have succeeded in convincing many that we're supposedly a "Christian" nation. All that certainty...

"We have convictions only if we have studied nothing thoroughly." // E.M.C.

"Those who can, do. Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach - buy Cabinet appointments."

(with apologies to GBS)
Call me crazy, but as someone with a parent who was a teacher for 35 years I can tell you the biggest threat to public schools = the ever-increasing abundance of kids who shouldn't have been born. Parents who have no fucking business being parents, let alone parents of multiple children, are ruining schools and the future of this country.

You can't afford to feed yourself? I know: have four kids! Then don't give them any fucking assistance or guidance or place a goddamned ounce of importance on their education. Just pawn them off to Grandma, who also happens to get cloudy as fuck every night in front of them.

Just an idea.
I bet one of the first things they'll push is tax credits for homeschoolers.

We'll all be paying the christians to misinform their kids.
@21, oh yeah, we "need to start killing people." You want me dead, huh? Come try to kill me, pussy.

We can meet up if you want to give it a go.
@6- "Stop getting mad"? Fuck no. Fuck you for suggesting it.

I've got plenty of mad to go around. I can be mad at the entire GOP and at half the Democratic Party at the same time. I'm a fucking bottomless well of rage and it I overfloweth.
She is heiress to the Amway fortune, possibly the biggest pyramid scam of all time. Sure republicans love her, she's rich!
@21, I'm glad you think teachers are pieces of shit. She spent 50% of her time helping the un-helpable, thanks to the true pieces of shit (morons who shit out kids), which means the rest of the class - kids who stood a chance - suffered. You want to help schools, we need morons to stop having kids.

Also, I take it you don't want to meet up, pussy?
Flu?! We're talking Ebola here, as with all the other rich appointees. I see the difference in opinion though. The rich elite actually think that we poor folk are not 'rich' because we are dumb fuck failures. When in fact, I think they are rich simply because they were born and were standing in the right place at the right time. Being rich puts them out of touch with reality and the basic hierarchy of needs, and in many cases, they are dumber than the average citizen on the street. DeVos qualifies as an idiot in my opinion. Being rich doesn't make one valuable to society or even bright.
@20, I'm not sayin' there is no merit to your point of view. But since some (my view) or most (your view) kids are born to bad parents, my problem is that we let them ruin it for all the kids. The public schools should have enough backbone and the rules enough teeth to kick rotten kids out and make sure they provide and excellent education to the rest. The ones that get kicked out are gonna fail anyway, so why bring all the kids down to their level.
I find it concerning that not nearly as much attention has been paid to the nomination of Sessions, soon to be the nations lead lawyer. Scary. Why are the democrats not filibustering? Because they have no spine.
@30, I didn't think so. Pussy through and through.
Picture this: an anonymous troll who hides behind an avatar of a female city council member and who uses a derogatory portmanteau of her name as his handle, calling someone else a "pussy through and through".

Oh, the delicious irony...
@7: iseult: Agreed. I already feel sorry for parents of public school aged children everywhere.
@22 Urgutha Forka: But aren't they misinformed enough already?
#33, sorry, I'll call him a whore next time.
@31 -The Democrats will not save us. They are bought into the system just like the Republicans. The two-party system fails ALL Americans.

Maybe we can use the chaos of TrumpBannon to establish a 5-7 party system...
@36 - I dare you to drop the derogatory avatar & name.
@36 - What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself.
Uh-oh look out everyone, @36 is a real tough guy!
Best joke of the day:
If it's 2030 and you can't read this, thank Betsy DeVos.

It's (not) funny because it's TRUUUUEEEEEEE!
I find it odd that a woman didn't write this article. I guess that wouldnt have come across as politically correct and we, as a community of men, can thank Rich Smith for helping make men look evermore misogynistic - even if the article does have some merit. Thank Rich! Two thumbs up for not walking into that editorial trap. Lets hope those bears dont attack The Stranger offices! ROTFL
@21, As a fellow teacher of urban children I can not agree with you more. Free breakfast, free lunch, free dinner. Best comment I have ever heard from a mother, " I don't see what the big deal is, it was only a little drug deal gone bad.". 6 kids by 6 different men and not a one in sight. Those who don't teach don't understand.

Yep, you just manage to stay soooo classy. Tell you what: if you're so hell-bent on participating in an ass-whooping, why don't YOU name the time and place. I'm sure we can arrange an impromptu SLOG meet-up to honor the occasion. We'll accept your inevitable failure to do so as indicative of your own thoroughly craven pusillanimity.
What is it with that Michelle Bachmann-style look in the eyes of these holy rollers like DeVos? Certainly suggests a lot of empty space in the cranium. The eyes are windows to the abyss.
Trying to fix my avatar, ignore
Trying again.

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