Sorry a bit off topic, but what the hell is up with the mega-size photos all over Slog? On every post? Are you trying to cover up the lack of content? It's becoming un-fucking-readable to scroll through all of these (readability of the actual content being an entirely separate issue...).
We need an opponent. A real opponent. Not a joke like Tony Ventrella was. Nor a sacrificial lamb like Jason Ritchie, a good guy who stepped up when no one else would, and got no help whatever from the fucking suits in DC whose job is to elect Democrats. Until we have a real opponent, whatever we say about Reichert is just so much blather.
He's learning well from Maria and Patty! "We'll just quietly vote when needed and then run home for re-election money when the time comes"!
What, Reichert should give a play space as another acting forum for you lefties? Forget about it. Face up to it; the Seattle Daddy Issue crowd has been sent to bed without a cookie.
Such sweet, sweet schadenfreude.
When is Patty Murray or Maria Cantwell having a town hall? Is Jayapal going to have a town hall that week (I know she was on the live Blabbermouth podcast, but that's not the same thing).

I know the state reps for the 43rd are having one on March 11.
@3, get Mullet, D - Issaquah, who can run without losing his State Senate seat.
A whole article about how Reinhart wouldn't do what you wanted sprinkled with (and the dems wouldn't give us attention either). Take off the blinders and I hear Reinhart giving someone a platform to talk with him not only publicly, but online for all to see. So what are you complaining about? Pathetic.
Who the fuck is "Reinhart?"
Agree with @10, there's hardly a word Reinhart in this whole article. Why should Reinhart give you dems your way when you refuse to even write his(?) name?
His constituents can remedy this by "firing" him in 2018. However, I predict the Republican lemmings in his district will re-elect him even if he devolves into communicating with them via alt fact laden Tweets.
So Reichert must be playing golf with Douggie from the 42nd District. Both have to go.
I agree with @1. 100 people at $25 a head should get you an hour. I don't know. Maybe $50.
Oly oly oxen free.
Actually, oddly enough, the problem he's going to have isn't going to be from people who don't want the ACA repealed.

The problem he's going to have are from the people who want it repealed RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW.

Remember that Trump and the Republicans swore on God, Mom, and Apple Pie that they would repeal and replace Obamacare with something amazing before the chair in the Oval Office was really and truly adjusted to a new president.

Unfortunately when they got into the numbers they realized that if they out and out repealed the ACA they would take away health care from 20 million people and all of their efforts to replace the ACA invariably end up with something that looks like...the ACA. This, btw, is not a coincidence as the DNA for the ACA has a high percentage of the Heritage Foundation's health care plan that eventually became Romney's health care plan in Massachusetts.

This means they have not only the people on the left who are upset about the plans to repeal but they also have the people on the right who are upset that Obamacare hasn't been repealed and replaced with something super amazing and awesome.

I can't really blame the congresspeople for not wanting to face people after that. It's awful and we need to force them on the issue but I do understand it.
Let's see how Dave's pro environment / climate change advocacy stands up to Trump's EPA nominee Pruitt who is a YUGE climate change denier and a fossil fuel industry lacky. Probably quiet as a church mouse.
Dave Reichert is my Congressman, and I have yet to have received any response from him from my many contacts using the methods he prefers.

All I got in return were canned answers
Rep Reichert's staff have been so great on the phone. I've called 3-4 times since the inauguration to express my liberal-progressive views, and have felt respected and valued.
I have known Congressmen Dave Reichert for many years long before he was elected to Congress. He is one of the most honest, hard working and even responsive representatives we have. He was elected because of his reputation and fairmindedness. I'm glad he doesn't have time for BS and is dedicated to serve those most in need. I write to his office when I need and let the guys work for all of us. He's still in Congress because he rises above the political decisiveness.
@20 Reichert "rises above political decisiveness."

Agreed! (Though I would have said sinks below or never succumbs to political decisiveness)
A liberal-progressive in Congressman Reichert's district, I call often. His staff are the nicest of the many politicians' offices I call, and I try to call at least one of our national leaders daily. Rep. Reichert's staff listen carefully and seem to care. Could this be a result of their training and the expectations of the Congressman? I want to ask the Stranger if they made every attempt to write a balanced story, and I challenge them to talk with Rep. Reichert and see if there is an opportunity to understand his actions better and show readers a way to influence him with more positivity and good will.
Dave Reichert voted multiple times to defund Planned Parenthood, and to repeal the ACA. He voted against requiring financial planning fiduciaries to act in the best interests of their clients. The voted agains expanding Medicaid for people in grinding poverty. He voted to approve the Keystone Pipeline. He voted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. Since Trump was elected he has refused to hold any public meetings, and doesn't return calls from constituents or the media. He is either afraid of his constituents, or he doesn't give a shit about them.
Reichert is so far out of step with his district, it's ridiculous. He's still in office for 2 reasons:

1) He says one thing and votes another, and too many people in his district haven't been paying close attention. That's changing quickly, and the more he aligns himself with SCROTUS, the more obvious it'll become.

2) The Democrats have been running neoliberal, establishment-friendly candidates against him. An actual progressive would beat him hands-down in 2018.
Tired of that shit? The join this group today! --- ( and ask some questions to these folk! --- & http://www.proportional-representation.o… ).
Not surprising: the typical elected Public-Sector pol is far Whiter and wealthier than 99% of the citizens living in whatever area said mayerr, sinaterr, or CONgressperson allegedly represents . . . . ---… . >: (.
@24 SandraL: That's encouraging to know. Now, if we can live to see 2018, and ALSO get rid of useless double-dipping Senator Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, District 42, "too busy to address those he was elected to represent" because he appointed himself Trumpzilla's Washington State "campaign manager", and got the neo-fascists in Lynden all fired up for the fossil fuel industry (damn the corruption--full speed ahead!)--while holding up State Legislative sessions while sidling up to the GOP pig trough in D.C. Reichert and Ericksen both need to go--preferably in industrial sized garbage bags.
No honor, no backbone, no balls....I have seen better role models in Macy's window

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