Dave Reichert is not just a "Western Washington Congressman." Actually, more than half his district is east of t… He's a trans-Cascadian asshole.
Hillary Clinton won his district. He is very much an empty suit. The Dems had better have their act together and identify a strong candidate (not you, Darcy Burner) to run against him in 2018.
"Republican Congressman Dave Reichert, who represents Washington State's 8th District."

Please cite a source for this claim.
Idiot Reichert
that's a very nice colour blue shirt.
Representative Forthreichert is, like all republicans, an anti-American, treasonous piece of human filth.
I fail to understand how these Republicans believe doing nothing and ignoring their constituents will help them keep their jobs. The claim is they won't go against Trump because they want to save their jobs. How is protecting an incompetent POTUS, guilty of treason, who is going to screw over all of the people who voted for him (and millions of people who did not vote for him) going to protect their jobs?

I dunno, maybe Darcy Burner has gotten that economics degree by now.
@8 -- they won't believe that their jobs are in jeopardy until their jobs are actually in jeopardy. The way to put their jobs in jeopardy is find good candidates and get them the resources they need to be competitive. The time to identify a good candidate to run against Reichert is NOW. This is a district that is ripe for the taking in what is shaping up to be a Democratic wave year in 2018. They had better not blow this.
Yet another truly disgusting Repig marching in corrupt-as-fuck lock step.
@3 forbes: Yeah, really.
@10: Bax: One can only hope.
Trump probably doesn't want to disclose that he's not as big of a billionaire as he would like us to think he is. We know he's more than a billion dollars in debt, a billionaire, not so much.
I'm one of his constituents. I'm currently more concerned about his refusal to meet face to face with voters in town hall settings. He is hiding behind a Facebook event next month rather than show up in person.
@13 -- that's because he's been there for a decade with literally nothing to show for it. He doesn't want to do town halls because it will expose him to his constituents as the nobody he is who is actively working against their interests.
Although I would be as curious as anyone about what is on his returns, it would be nothing but a public dicksizing. Entertaining as it would be I dont think any real political or legal ramifications would result unless he was cheating on his taxes which is something the IRS is responsible for determining and they already have them.
Don't forget, he also voted to allow mentally unstable people purchase guns. You would think that, as a former sheriff, he would have gotten that one right.
It doesn’t help that Murray and Cantwell are avoiding their constituents as well giving him the cover of not meeting with his.

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