Garbage resigns from Garbage Can
why don't these breitbart snowflakes understand HUMOR? he's the Joan Rivers of the alt-Right!

you could see it all go south on Overtime when he passive-aggressively told Maher that Malcolm Nance was "stupid", and Wilmore tore him a new one. all downhill from there.

that 250K advance, though. does he get to keep that?
Preznit Pussygrabber/GOP note:

1. Raping boys > not OK (for now)
2. Raping girls and women > full speed ahead
@2 An advance is usually paid against future royalty earnings, so if the book isn't released he's $250k in the hole.

Glad this was posted uncut there's no doubting context, but the text on the screen was stupidly unnecessary. Felt like some sort of laugh track of indignation.
I told you all he'd be working the make-up counter at a department store (or something equivalent) soon.
I think Breitbart, CPAC, and S&S were all looking to get rid of Milo. They saw thier chance and took it.
@6- He'll end up in his natural habitat, under a bridge.

@7- I'd say nice try, but it was pretty feeble, so I'll just say try harder.
@2: MY doesn't even approach a hint of Joan Rivers talent.
Good riddance. Give creeps like him enough rope and they always hang themselves.
Its kind of a Greek Tragedy.

Friday was the night where he rose to the greatest heights of his career. Bill Maher's interview had the tone of his acceptance into the firmament of the Hollywood gliteratti. He was told he reminded Maher of "a young, gay, and alive Christopher Hitchens", high praise coming from Maher, who was one of Hitch's strongest admirers in life.

Then came the Overtime segment, where he burnt his wings by declaring an NSA agent "stupid". Never, ever cross paths with someone who works for an intelligence agency. As Nance so aptly put it, no matter how secure your system is, if the NSA wants in, they ill get in. Nobody gets to work for the Agency unless they're a supergenius to begin with. The janitors at the NSA could run circles around MENSA.

Nance grinned, and suggested that everyone was going out for drinks after the show, inviting Milo to join them. I guess every condemned man gets one last meal. I wonder what Milo thought as he sat at the bar with these gents. Did he pause to consider the strangeness of his company that evening? With the exception of the sole Republican in their little party, why on earth would he have been invited to enjoin this crew in a nightcap?

That was Friday. People only break news on a Friday if they want to bury it. If you want it to escalate, you wait till Monday. Besides, Friday would have given Milo a weekend to work on a counter-attack.

When the boom fell on Monday afternoon, things accelerated quickly. The videos in question had been online since last year-on YouTube, no less. If Maher (or the rest of us) had not seen them until now, it's only because we didnt look. Chekov's gun had been in plain sight on the stage all along. Still, It did go off. And with a bang, Milo's career ended.

By Tuesday, it would be buried. Where does he go from here? He could go the route of so many disgruntled tech boys, who become professional blackhats. Write some malicious code, sell it on a TOR onion site to anyone with enough bitcoin. Offer to break into systems and get dox for whoever is the highest bidder. Mercenaries like this can not afford to ask questions about how their case will be used, or by whom. It;'s not like they have the option of earning money in any respectable manner. And its not like you can call what he did at Breitbart respectable without thoroughly stretching the word, anyway.

Or perhaps he was smart and socked all that money away in investment securities while the gravy train was still running. Maybe he knew he was doomed to burn out fast. Its difficult to imagine anyone doing what he was doing into his old age.

Goodbye, Icarus.
@14 Well written
@14 An epitaph of his very short professional life.
Well said @14
I really find it hard to believe that hardcore rightwingers like this guy, especially in that outfit with the pearls. they can really ignore all that swishy-ness for a big ol' helping of hate?
I really do wonder why anyone ever paid any attention to this assclown? It's obvious he does what he does, says what he says because he's an attention whore. Really, maybe he needs to go back to the UK where his rantings might be considered entertaining in one of their various broadsheets, next to the boob pictures.
@12- You're still not trying hard enough. I could give you some hints, but you're a personal responsibility kind of guy so I'll respect that and let you pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
And now comes the news (already happening before the Milo blowout) that companies are pulling ads off Breitbart. Divestment is the thousand-bladed sword.…
that Rich Smith article is like a fine wine.

He's an obviously gay man who advocates for the removal of all LGBT civil rights. The GOP loves this- Republican women who are anti-feminist, for example, such as Hannah Giles. Black Republicans who oppose civil rights, such as Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson.

These folks serve a dual purpose. One, they give cover- the GOP can say they're not homophobic, and point to Milo as an example of how they have gay people in their very ranks. Because Michael Steele was the head of the RNC, they can say they have had Black people in their leadership. This also allows them to claim they aren't really extremists after all. The Klan or the Aryan Nations would never have a Black man as their Grand Wizard, or a gay man as their spokesperson. Thus, the GOP can say, we're not like the Klan or the Nazis. Even if those entities openly endorse the GOP or the RNC policies are ripped right out of their playbooks, these minority Republicans can be held up as proof of their non-bigotry.

A country club with one token Black member can claim they are not segregated.
As for book advances, theyre rarely given out in one lump sum.

Generally, a partial on signing, another part on turning in the manuscript -- and sometimes the remainder on publication of the book.

Depending on his contract and how close to publication the book, Milo could have gotten all the advance on royalties, or only part.

Lesser mortals dont even get an advance these days, may have to wait until after 6 months of sales for dime one--but with the publishing company ballyhooing Milo for months on end, its likely he collected some moola up front.
In the wayback machine, it was noted that Milo's campus appearances were going to be filmed for a documentary film on boy Milo.

Ooops, my guess is: not anymore.

Where does Milo go now?

If England still has a lifelong dole for the unemployable: there.
Love to be a fly on the wall during Milo's breakdown after the cameras are turned off. He'll probably feel real emotions for the first time.
@8: Agreed, lots of comedians/writers make jokes about this topic (Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman also spring to mind), and none of them lose employment or book deals. I think Yippeedippolos was getting way too much attention, and this gave those groups an easy way to drop him without much fuss from the non-hardcore fans.

I mean, I doubt Simon and Schuster or CPAC suddenly had a change of heart about the content of his act.

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