Why is it that public servants think that we should trust them when they keep their personal finances secret from the public? The appearance of a conflict of interest should be enough for a public servant to step away from that appearance.

Obviously Trump has something to hide. Use your imagination, I'm sure whatever he is hiding is much worse than anything we can imagine.
Of course the republicans voted against it. They don't want any of us to notice that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.
WELL DONE Comrade Reichart!

President Putin hopes you enjoy your new vacation home on the Crimea!

Пока мы не встретимся снова!
There's no separating Donald Trump from our four Republican members of Congress. Come election day, they will have to answer for their blind support of the Trump agenda.
Contact Dave Reichart and ask him why he isn't concerned about Trump's ties to Russia. Follow up by asking if he himself has ties to Russia that he is afraid will be exposed by any investigation into Trump's finances.
Issaquah office - (877) 920-9208
DC office - (202) 225-7761
So much for Speaker Ryan's promise to leave no stone unturned in the Russian probe.…
It's clear that RepubliKKKans will stop at nothing for money and power--even committing treason and conspiring with a hostile foreign power.
Treason's OK If You're A Republican.
Democracy FTW!
This shows the talent of speaking out of any hole... Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Putin is trying to undermine the U.S....…
I don't see any "privacy" issues as concern-trolled by Reichert. If every recent previous President has made their tax returns public, then precedent says Trump needs to do the same. Why does Trump get to be a special snowflake that the rules (or customs) don't apply to?
How did he vote re releasing the 30,000 emails Hillary deleted?
It's an individual's own business. For President Trump, it's a matter of personal choice and an opportunity to set a precedent. He's not obligated to make his tax returns public any more than you are. Believe me, if he was doing something wrong, the proper authorities would do something about it, not the general public.
Mid-terms are only 19 mo. away. Let's hope and pray that some changes will help fix this travesty.
I'm still waiting to see Obama's college transcripts.
Who cares? If your'e trying to prove he's a shady businessman, guess what? HE'S A CAPITALIST. The folks barking over Trump's tax returns sound like 9/11 Truther and Obama birthers. Screw his tax returns! Keep the focus where it matters: resisting his racist, xenophobica agenda.

Liberals, I know you think you're "resisting Trump" with this crap, but you're NOT. You're just doing what you do best: bitching and moaning until the next election. If you're NOT organizing right now to DEFEND immigrants, Muslims, trans people, and everyone targeted now and in the next four years by Trump, you're SUPPORTING his agenda.

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