I would avoid anything that is organized by BLM or explicitly endorses them. They use false narratives of racism and police brutality for power grabs, extortion, violence, and to get a free pass at their own racism. This seems to have become a norm from black activists for many generations now. The fact that occasionally an accusation has merit doesn't give a free pass to the massive amounts of shitty behavior and abuse and the massive amounts of accusations without merit.
@1 of course you would, you're racist scum.
I don't own a black beanie. I own a pink pussy hat. Guess what I'll be wearing when I march.
@1 gotcha, so I guess I won't look for you there after all, thanks for letting me know, miss ya. You'll be at the Trump tax returns march?
What's sad is that we terribly need state tax reform to make it more progressive, but the rapacious Democrats all throughout state, county, and local government have lost credibility with the public by larding tax after regressive tax on their constituents.

We have no reason to trust that if a progressive income tax were instituted and the sales tax slashed, that these same officials (looking directly at you, Dow Constantine) wouldn't immediately come back and start reraising the sales tax step by step until it was right back where it was before.
Yay!!! More ineffectual marches! Go Seattle!
@6 What would be more effective? If you have good ideas, then speak up, and we'd be glad to do it. Just criticize things other people do without offering anything of yourself is also ineffectual.

Why on earth are so many bigots and Trump people reading teh Stranger, isn't Storm Front, Breitbart etc. taking up their non-working time?
actually, WA has the most regressive tax structure in the country. not "one of". just sayin...
I was at the Westlake rally today, and BLM Seattle desperately needs a new spokesperson. I didn't catch the name of the man leading the rally -- I don't know if it was Kuzma or not. I don't doubt that this man is a passionately committed individual. But he was disorganized, incoherent, and borderline insulting, both to the white people who turned out to support his cause and to the speaker whose name he couldn't be bothered to remember or note down. "I'll let her introduce herself. She's almost here." It was embarrassing.
#9: You're not alone! Boycotted the event.…

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