Everyone in Twitler's White Trash House is the worst ever.

We even have the president's dimwitted, dress-designing daughter deciding whether to start World War III.
the white house press secretary hanlon's razored the holocaust. the president is taunting the PRK. impressive day 82 so far.
It's like he was trying to make some point about collateral damage and chemical weapons but it went terribly wrong, or what @1 said.
He just cribbed it from the writer behind The Wire:…

I mean, i loved the Wire, but that's a bad tweet. yeesh.
@1 One should never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.

So Trump's Nazi sympathizers are not malicious?
@9: In this case "from time to time" means literally every day.
Perhaps Spicer felt that the Jews were not Hitler's "own people". That was Hitler's view, certainly.

Eventually I'll have to believe all this is really happening and not just some especially ridiculous SNL skit.
@11 That was my takeaway, too.
Because the Trump Administration rewards incompetence.
@7 and @8 You numbskulls have no -zero- evidence that, awful as they are, any Trumpist is a Holocaust Denier or "Nazi sympathizer".

What is claimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You both are dismissed.
@17 He literally did not. Reading comprehension is hard. Try again.

Spicer is an unqualified boob with the worst job in the world who makes stupid comments for political reasons. He did NOT deny the holocaust happened nor is that reason to infer he is a Nazi sympathizer. He is an idiot, a fool who can't think on his feet. A Holocaust denier he is not.

Your last comment isn't worth spit, little troll.
He was of course referring to the fact that the Nazis had access to chemical agents such as chlorine and mustard gas as well as nerve agents such sarin and tabun yet didn't use them but whatever OUTRAGE HOLOCAUST DENIAL AHHHHH LOOK HOW VIRTUOUS I AM!!!
Can't we just ignore Spicecake? I mean, if he & his ilk are going to ban certain news organizations from his office/press briefing room... then can't we just stop reporting what he says? We all know that virtually every "take" out of his mouth is a specious lie. Why even report what he says?

Oh look, apparently the Nazis did use poison gas in at least one incident, take it away Wikipedia!:
One reported incident indicates the German army eventually used poison gas on survivors of the Battle of Kerch on the Eastern Crimean peninsula. After the battle in mid-May 1942, roughly 3000 soldiers and civilians not evacuated by sea were besieged in a series of caves and tunnels in the nearby Adzhimuskai quarry. After holding out for approximately three months, "poison gas was released into the tunnels, killing all but a few score of the Soviet defenders."[35]

In February 1943, German troops stationed in Kuban received a telegram.[36]

...Russians should be eventually cleared out of the mountain range with gas.

The troops also received two wagons of toxin antidotes.[36]

A relatively small item that even a meticulous student of history such as Spicecake might miss.

Oh, and let's not forget the critical point that saying "HITLER!" in a press briefing will simply send the chattering masses into a cyclonic media frenzy... and once they have been properly distracted, the ⊥rumpeters are probably doing something actually nefarious.
(@20 - To be clear, I meant that the Nazis have at least one documented incident of poison gas use on the battlefield, as differentiated from the use of Zyklon-B ..(for Bayer! Like the aspirin!).. to systematically murder thousands upon thousands of German citizens who happened to be on the wrong side of the pogroms & propaganda.)
@ 15,

Well there's Sebastian Gorka, senior adviser to Twitler, who's an actual Nazi and proudly wears a pin of a Hungarian neo-Nazi organization on his jacket. Does he count? Also, president Bannon is a Nazi, what about him?

Those were two that came to mind, along with Trump's final campaign ad with its heavily anti-Semitic overtones.

I can't say if @15's defense is driven by malice, but it sure is driven by stupidity.
Before murdering some of my own family members the Nazis practiced and perfected their murder factories on their very own non-Jews, those dimmed unwanted for being mentally ill and disabled.…
They also murdered homosexuals, communists, and gypsies, among others, in those “holocaust centers.”

It should be also noticed that prestramp avoided any Passover festivities the other day, as opposed to his predecessor.
Mr. Spicer is having a very bad day indeed. But really, this is more of a stupid - silly misspeak that politicians and celebs do all the time. I don't see the need to milk any more outrage or it than necessary.
@ 26,

I’m reluctant to look up Tantrum Spice’s CV and see which educational institutions have failed us this time, though Twitler and DeVoid are all the proof we need of the failure of our nation's private schools.

What, precisely, is the necessary amount of outrage you believe we SHOULD milk from this?
@28: Only the amount of outrage that is needed to keep things in perspective. There's a lot we have to contend with. This won't be in the headlines a few days from now, but things like the decimation of the EPA will. Far more worrying than deriving sinister innuendoes out of a press secretary's dreadful comparison.
@27 - "Tantrum Spice" LOL!
Baghdad Bob did a better job of lying that spicey.
@31 Go back to Breitbart, troll

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