John McCain's wife is worth $200 million. If this bill passes, their family will save $80 million in estate taxes. MAVERICK!!!
Yeah but democrats get to feel morally superior, so it's all good.
Drop the bomb now.
For a hot second he wanted to pretend to do the right thing so he could die thinking he was a good man. He's not a good man. He's a POS and he will die being part of the corrupt and criminal contingent in Congress colluding with the criminals in the White House who destroyed the United States of America. Quite a legacy. And yet when we're all dead and gone there will be no one to even remember or care. All that wealth and money will be useless when there's no human race left. Of course, they'll hoard it for as long as they can, won't they?
@2 in what possible way are democrats not morally superior? Or are you just stating the obvious

I think @2 is referring to calls for people like Franken to resign because it's the right thing, while, well, you know.
Of the 10 senators listed in this linked article, only 2 of them need to not capitulate to compromises and amendments offered to get their votes.…
Yeah, 6 is on it.

Republicans get to fuck over the poor, women, minorities, etc. They get to terrorize the entire world. The get to hoard more wealth and power for their rich corporate masters. They get to continue destroying the country for decades.

But democrats can tell each other they're morally superior.

So a total win for dems.
@9: How is David living in Shoreline "subsidizing California or New York's high state and local taxes"? They're state and local taxes, dummy.

The fact is that of the 14 states most dependent upon the Federal government, 13 voted for Trump in 2016. Those are the people who will get fucked.

And Donald Trump's syphilitic racism runnath over this week. If that's what you consider a "great week," well, that says a lot about David in Shoreline.

We force you to buy car insurance and home owners insurance. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who don't WANT to purchase those, because they think they're awesome drivers who never get into accidents, or responsible home owners who would never leave the gas on or the doors unlocked or buy a house in a flood plain. But we still force them to have insurance in order to be able to drive a car or take out a mortgage. So, what's the difference between that and making them pay for health insurance when everyone - literally everyone - knows they're going to need medical coverage at some point?
Last month he was everyone’s hero when he decided against the healthcare overhaul now he’s enemy Number 1 again. Reading The Stranger is starting to be akin to being on a run-away train with Sybil at the switch.
I seriously think that everyone should register themselves as a corporation and just take advantage of all those sweet sweet corporate tax rates & loopholes.

If corporations can be "people" (per Citizens United), then people should be able to be corporations.
allow me to play David in Shoreline for a moment:

@10: because those taxes are deducted from federal income, so the feds collect less than they would on the same income in a state like WA.
@11: you don't HAVE to own a car.

when DiS says it's not the Stigginit, it's the Stigginit.

@12: I thought he was a grandstanding cunt last month, and the month before that, and in 2008, and back through time to his first campaign. he's a republican from AZ.
@14: Except those local taxes are also deductible in WA, so David in Shoreline gets to deduct them too. Does that mean that taxpayers in states with lower local taxes are subsidizing him? Hardly. The fact is California and New York (and Washington) are donor states, subsidizing Mississippi, Montana, Alabama, West Virginia, etc.
@16: Realness. We just don't have any State Income Tax.
@17: Yeah, but we can deduct one of the the highest sales taxes in the nation, which residents in states with a local income tax do not (assuming they deduct their local income tax).
@9 Good Christ you are one dumb mother fucker.
They double the standard deduction so middle income won't pay more due to the removal of the SALT deduction. It is a clever way to stick it to upper middle class that work for a living in high tax states I guess.

@12 I'll note that 'good policy' in 2017 is adding $1.5T to the deficit. Good troll, bruh.
sorry, meant @9

Well, by that logic, I guess you don't HAVE to get sick or break a bone or suffer a heart attack either...


Not only that, but the latest projections strongly suggest that $1.5T deficit isn't in fact going to be offset by massive economic growth - not even close - and we'll be saddled with roughly $1T in debt over the next ten years. This is exactly what the GOP wants, because that'll give them an excuse to go after Social Security & Medicaid/Medicare as a form of "austerity" to make up the difference, which most people know has been their long-game for quite some time.
@22: I could give a shit if Donald Trump "calls out a Senator", but using the name "Pocahontas" as a racial slur is fucked up. To do it while "honoring" Native America war heroes is indefensible (and yet you defend it).

And then there are the bullshit videos he retweeted. Your beloved president is a racist.
McCain, you are no "Maverick", but a total shithead. Go fuck yourself and DIE!
@26 DOUG: I'm with you, but forget about getting through to @22 or like-minded idiot trolls like him. It's a waste of time. They don't see reason anymore. They WANT (?!) the apocalypse and are all in warp-neo-fascist lockstep. They need to feel a sharply painful loss themselves (preferably financial) before they can pull their slimy pointed heads out.
@27: Trump's comments weren't out of line. They were par for the course. The dude's a racist. Birther-ism. "Good people on both sides." Muslim ban. Mexican rapists. Fuck him and anyone who supports him.
@13 EXACTLY!! It is really difficult to sell the idea to HR departments to hire one as a contractor instead of as an employee, though, because of all the hoops one has to jump thru (both State and Federal) to become an actual contractor business. It is not impossible, but it can be done.
My honey had a thought: what if McCain is playing 11th dimensional chess, and says "Yeah, I'll vote for the tax bill" but then votes against it because he hates Trump, because it's personal, because he's just as petty and puerile as Trump, and still bears a grudge for that "I like people who weren't captured"?

If McCain does actually vote yes on the tax bill, then yeah, fuck him with a pineapple sideways. But if he's serving revenge as a cold dish, more power to him. Our household is waiting before condemning utterly.
@13 treacle: I like your thinking! Why didn't I see your spot on post earlier?
@33 IL Transplant: Thank you for the food for thought.
@34 originalcinner: I never thought of that approach. I wouldn't mind seeing a vindictive McCain serve Trumpzilla as a cold side dish with a wormy apple in its mouth and a fork in its butt. RepubliKKKans actually killing and eating each other up out of sheer batshit stupidity may be the only way to save our democracy and the planet at tis point.
Whether you hate the man or not. Why are the stranger’s writers so vile? Can’t you disagree without say “fuck him”? It must be really hard to be you. You must get up every morning feeling like the worst hangover of your life. I’m so sorry you have to live like that.

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