This is some pretty thorough reporting, Rich.
What else wouldn't surprise you?
We are dying to find out...
Bill Radke has invited this prick onto his show “Week on Review” many times. I guess when you’re a pompous mansplainer giving a forum to predatory men is your way of keeping KUOW “fair and balanced.”
Smart thing to do is resign.
Well, from seeing him in Olympia, I say he’s a grade A jackass who is very full of himself. I’m sure he thinks he’s doing a favor to any woman who crosses his path. Hope I don’t see him this legislative session but if I do I’m going to compliment him on how nice his pants are.
Can public records give us a list of all these "not technically pedophiles" so we can screen them for predatory behavior afterwards? They're pretty clearly showing elevated risk.

There are reasons these guys seek out women / juveniles with a lot less experience, that they can maneuver and groom. They usually don't mature out of the reasons.

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