Will they call for 'newspapers' to disclose advertising in the form of 'articles' they publish?
@1: so coy. just state plainly what you're whinging about.

and why you're using apostrophes instead of quotation marks.

It does seem like something Eli ought to address, though. Is the law written so this blog is out of scope?
Next liberal senators will want to force companies to provide an individuals “personal” data. Isnt that really where it’s veering to - by way of “transparency” and keeping everyone honest? Where does it stop and when does the line begin to blur into that Orwellian future that liberals use as a scare tactic then turn around and actually try to push through a government-based surveillance society? First it starts with a general over-reach of general ad data, next it will be fine-tuning the requirements and information needed to fit those in the government. It won’t just be about the money spent, but who voted for who? Who had what to say publicly about which candidates or issues? What keywords and phrases can be used against which person or entity. Before you know it, we are reliving the “Red Scare” of the 1950’s while using “Honest Ads” as a starting point for what will end up being an slow and subtle invasion of everyone’s privacy. If Facebook and Google had any smarts they would pull all their operations out of the the state of Washington.
@4 tell me what you think about our disclosure for campaign finance! Threat or menace?

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