Her "gaffes" to come, at least in terms of legacy, will dwarf her considerable past gaffes: she's almost certainly about to join the trump administration in some slimy capacity or the other.
I prefer to remember her from her days at KIRO.
If anything she sounds like a relatively sane and moderate Washington Republican. The party rank and file desperately need someone like her around to talk sense to them. Relative sense.
I thought she did a great job - she and the Republican Party - were villified in Seattle during the election and she stood firm and strong in the attack style questioning from journalists. She was not the candidate under attack but the representative of the party and she showed a thick skin and calm in the storm of questioning.
@2 Phoebe in Wallingford: Agreed. If only we could just get rid of Doug Ericksen, Dave Reichert, Dino Rossi, and Tim Eyman. *sigh*
@4: so much bullshit in that paragraph. congrats, you have a future in the GOP.
Not to mention going on vacation and lying about it to her employer.
Republicans are horrible people.

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