“Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has added his voice to those calling for greater transparency in online political ads”. Of course he has - he has to say something to divert attention as to how when he is going to replenish the state surplus.………

How would Inslee, Facebook, or anyone else determine what is a "political ad" and what is not?

I'm all for holding these companies' feet to the fire, but this is kind of ridiculous. Tell me what a "political ad" is, and I'll give you something that is not by your definition a political ad and is likely to influence someone's opinion about who should be employed as an employee of our government.

As I understand it, anyone with $20 and a credit card can select from among dozens of criteria specifying the group of Facebook users to whom an arbitrary image or text should be displayed. There's no editor or advertising department staff looking this stuff over--the buyer is communicating with the seller's computer, and some other computer connected to that computer is sending the stuff to other people's computers in hopes of catching those people's attention.

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