Katie, you look like an alt-right Molly Ringwald in that hat.
IUD alternative: reversible vasectomy for every 10 year old-male.
Sounds conservative enough for me, count me in.
You're getting GOP emails?

Maybe someone should let Russia know their bot farms are malfunctioning.
Politics is best looked at as multi-dimensional rather than a spectrum. I don't see it as a contradiction in the slightest to, say, support the causes you mention and adamantly oppose authoritarian identity politics. True liberals need to start standing up against these ideologues, who are ruining the Left and helping Trump.... So happy The Stranger finally hired a free thinker. Love what I've seen of your writing so far.
Is the GOP tent big enough for Otherkin?
Why not do a story about the Duopoly that has cockblocked alternative ( I discourage using the misnomer " third") parties for GENERATIONS - sometimes in violation of the Constitution ( - while doing an outstanding job of seeming to be public entities? ( or better yet, do a feature about the inability for 99% of American adults to commit suicide in a painless fashion at the time of their own discretion, the AMA and Christofascists be damned!!! Pfft!!! --- ).
Ummm . . .. direct democracy? Initiative and referenda and recalls? ---
Katie - you were bound to get some Frogger action as you attempt to maneuver across the current ever-widening divide between conflicting social structures. The comments on your opinion posts seem to be created by psychos in bump-stock fashion - what fun! Why do so many seem fixated on some pseudo-editorial critique of your journalistic abilities?

Please keep poking bears; I like your writing style.
They'll never take you if you don't throw the G overboard.
Maybe, just maybe, you should take that as a sign you screwed the pooch with your article, because you did.
An earth where we all belong and we don’t have to be rich to enjoy it. Like it.
Glad you jumped in to prove your liberal bona fides after outing yourself as an anti-feminist and a typical Stranger hack.
so like, herzog want a successful green/psl-lite party, but we know this is a lie and secretly is a plot to get the usual chauvinist dem(on)s reelected; i see through the hyperbole to the truth.
ROTFL- And this is why self-aggrandizing “Gilligan”-looking liberal feminists fail. Instead of taking the compliments for what they are they begin to think its all about them and the world must change to fit their needs. Because common ground was for a moments-time found they now feel like they were right about everything. Not surprising but hey, maybe Katie’s next job can be to negotiate peace in the Middle East.
nice photo there tough guy lol.
What a great Country. Katie can write whatever she wants and I get my guns.
Only white people and men complain about call out culture. Based on the naked mole rat in the picture, that article makes so much more sense now.

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