Following West Virginias lead, teachers in Oklahoma have walked out.
Following West Virginia's lead, teachers in Oklahoma have walked out. J Pat Carter / Getty Images

Almost exactly a month ago, public school teachers in West Virginia won a significant raise after holding a statewide work stoppage and storming the state capital to demand better pay and benefits.

Now, in what NBC is calling the "Red State Teacher Rebellion," teachers have walked out in Oklahoma. Arizona may be next.

What's going on?

Many GOP-led states are feeling the pushback after years of tax cuts that have slashed funding for core government services such as public schools, said Lily Garcia, president of the teachers union NEA.

"It has been an unmitigated disaster, and it's now coming home to roost on all those folks who blindly cut taxes, not caring how that was going to impact communities," said Garcia

Over at The Washington Post, Paul Waldman writes:

Oklahoma is a particularly pure example of conservative philosophy in action, since state law mandates a 75 percent supermajority in both houses of the legislature to raise taxes. That’s the result of a 1992 initiative that came in response to a 1990 tax increase passed to increase school funding. Which has led them to where they are today, with four-day school weeks, cold buildings and decades-old textbooks.

What does the leader of the Republican Party, President Donald Trump, have to say about all this?

He's as quiet about it on Twitter as he is about Stormy Daniels.