4 days of school means 1 less day for Hardened Leftist propaganda. 1 less day to brainwash kids into being nice to each other, not using violence to settle disputes, and learning to discern fact from fiction.
Any donation links to support strike funds, or childcare for working parents?
Yeah, sorry but conservatives WANT less educated populations. That's how they steal elections and get more power.
@2: What's happening in Kentucky?
@3: Great idea! Eli? How do we help the strikers in Oklahoma?
Here's to Making America Smart Again, and RepubliKKKans feel the butt-hurt.
@1 and @4: You both beat me to it again. Kudos.
The bluer this country can get by the midterms if not sooner, the better.
You know, it would be nice if the Democratic leadership made a big fuss about this, but the only one I’ve heard comment is Bernie.
It's interesting that a lot of teachers as well as students are walking out these days.
Students, don't forget to register to vote and exercise your rights.
@6: Thanks for the informational update. Sadly, it doesn't surprise me---Mitch McDumbell is from Kentucky.
If grossly overpaid RepubliKKKans won't efficiently govern (when DO they?), it's up to we, the people to take over. In 1776 we, the people rebelled against a mad king. In 2018, 242 years later we're resisting a mentally insane, narcissistic raw sewage spewing pig who insists on being king.

Lucky we here in Seattle fund our education system to the max.

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