Hey, Cathy McMorris Rodgers "supports an open internet," too! She says so! Well, not really.


So, nothing happened, and the Democrats are committed to a non-economic platform. Get ready for four more years. Ugh.


Hooray! Net neutrality’s demolition has been repealed!

(PS to Eli: google “how a bill becomes a law”.)


This was a nothing, do-nothing optics-only feel-good effort. Even if it makes it to Trump’s desk, highly unlikely, he will just stamp DENIED and throw in the outbasket. NN is repealed first week June.


Really the big three just need to be broken up as the illegally colluding monopolies they are.

Net Neutrality is great, but it is a strip of duct tape holding together a dam.


Well yes, obviously they shouldn't have done anything at all. The wisdom of Slog.


@6 forsooth.

I actually know a person who at least claims he could have gone either way in '16 but went for Trump in the end. And the only thing you can get him to admit regretting about it now is the lack of support for Net Neutrality.

So that's possibly one vote swung right there.


And as far as it goes, Net Neutrality is better than not but the proper solution is to nationalize the telecoms companies and create a national-scale public utility. This is an obvious part of the economy to socialize.

9 what about the homeless, wage stagnation, hyper-high cost of living, hyper-high cost of healthcare, the affordable housing crisis, so many opioid and meth needles in the streets thats it’s becoming a risk to walk anywhere in this town. Net neutrality wont do Seattle any good when a HepA outbreak or something far worse comes to town and spreads like wildfire. The set up is here and ready to go. “Sanctioned and Unsanctioned” homeless camps throughout the city with a network of homeless, addicted and vulnerable living in close quarters taking buses and trains and streetcars. All it takes is one cough, one dirty hand grip or seat on a bus or Starbucks door and then - whoosh!. Their help and net neutrality is meaningless and will be should the worst occur. Maybe our senators would like to take a look at some examples and get with the program.


@6 Don’t get me wrong - the Senate did the right thing here. I just dislike this headline.


Obviously they should have spent their time solving... everything.

I think it's important for the House and Senate to propose and vote on legislation whether it has a chance in the other chamber or to survive a veto threat. It gets a bit desperate and sad when you're doing a weekly vote on repealing ObamaCare, but there are also really important issues that have been kept alive over the decades and finally brought to fruition. The message here is that if we take the House we might be able to get Net Neutrality back despite the obscenity in the oval office.


This is great, but as was already stated, it's ultimately futile. If this is an important voter issue, said voters already know that the GOP is not their friend. I'm glad they're making the attempt though. If the GOP can spend countless meetings in useless "repeal Obamacare!" votes, the Dems are certainly allowed at least one or two attempts to save Net Neutrality.

@9: You gotta be more subtle with your whataboutism if you want to get away with it, man.


"9 what about..."

HAHAHA! A literal "whataboutism" labeled as a whataboutism! I gotta give it some points for balls.

But. Jesus. Rightwing meta-trolling at it's dumbest.


Hey! I gotta "whataboutism" for these bags-of-shit in here.

"WHATABOUT" AT&T meeting with the FCC's Ajit Pai right after they paid-off Trumps lawyer?

Draining the swamp, baby. Draining the swamp.


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