This might be the last time I have to use this image.
This might be the last time I have to use this image. WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE

After the Seattle Times resurfaced two sexual harassment investigations during Rep. Matt Manweller's tenure as a political science professor at Central Washington University, after his first wife—who he met when she was a 16-year-old managing the boys' soccer team and he was the coach—called their relationship "inappropriate" upon further reflection, after a staffer complained that he turned a meeting into a date, after the House GOP kicked him off his committee assignments, after a weeks-long campaign to shape the media narrative surrounding an investigation into his conduct with former students, after attorney Trish Murphy filed an 85-page report detailing "a pattern of inappropriate behavior with gender-based and sexual overtones" from 16 of those former students and colleagues, after CWU fired him for talking to witnesses during Murphy's investigation, after Austin Jenkins broke a story about Manweller allegedly statutorily raping a 17-year-old former student in Idaho (which Manweller denies), after GOP leadership in the House called for him to resign following that story, after saying he wasn't Brett Kavanaugh but then introducing himself as Brett Kavanaugh at a recent event, after a conference call with House Republicans this morning, finally Manweller released a statement to the Yakima Herald saying he will step down from his fucking part-time job as a Representative of Ellensburg if re-elected in November for a fourth term.

Since it's so late in the election cycle, Manweller's name will still appear on the ballot. He's vowed to continue his campaign because, according to state law, if he wins he'll have to be replaced by a Republican. He's running against Democrat Sylvia Hammond, who trailed by 27 points in the August primary. I hear she's accepting donations.