Actually Dan, Katie Herzog nailed it: “And right now, conservatives believe that Kavanaugh is getting screwed. The don't believe he attempted to assault Christine Blasey Ford, and they certainly don't believe the allegations of gang rape, especially after the woman who made them, Julie Swetnick, contradicted details of her own story on NBC.”


Well... Thst’s completely rediculos, but let’s say it’s true. Why then did the Dems shine a light on that “selling quality”??? I mean, you’re saying if he weren’t a serial gang rapist, he’d have less appeal to those evil Republicans. Shouldn’t you have accused him of feminism instead??? God knows that would have sunk him with the Republicans. Right???

Either your argument is stupid or your party is. That’s not to say it’s impossible that they both are.


Bull Shit! This is McConnel's ass in the nations face. A critical moment in a slow rolling coup. What? We keep quiet, roll over out of fear of exciting Republican lemmings into action. Might work for you Savage but not for me. Fuckum act now!


I mean hell... we didn’t even know he was so delightfully evil a month ago! Of course the base wasn’t motivated by such a vanilla choice.


GOP for the last 20 years: "We impeached Clinton not because of that uppity bitch of a wife he had, and not because he was popular, or because things were going really well in every way while under his tenure. No no no, it was because he lied to Congress about a blowjob! Under oath!"

GOP for the last 2 weeks: "So what if Kavanaugh was caught in multiple demonstrable lies?! He probably didn't rape that woman, despite all evidence to the contrary from his accuser, an expert on memory who came forward before he was the official nominee! His screaming conspiracy theories are good enough for us!"



You do realize, that the entire opposite teeth gnashing could be applied to the Democrats, right?

Of course you do...



big difference between people not "giving a shit about women" and people not believing in the claims of sexual guess people are getting tired of the political theater and character assassination that pervades both sides of the aisle.


I can’t wait to watch Senator Spartacus “I stole second base” Booker run for the Democrat nomination. Hope he gets it! I want to hear him explain what he meant when he said “The disgust and latent hostility I felt toward gays were subcategories of hatred, plain and simple.” And when and how it became convenient for him to pretend differently.


It's not that Repubs disbelieve what Kavanaugh did to Ford, it's that they think it's awesome.


@5; there were issues re Kavanaugh when he went for judgeship.. google it honey. And that was before metoo etc. Been a bit of a shift over the last yr and women are not going to shut it anymore.
And putting aside the abuse claim, as so many think she’s just another female liar, his behaviour at the hearing is what has disqualified him in the eyes of thousands of his peers. You know, the people one looks to in one’s profession for respect? Maybe you don’t given your blustering comments.
These idiots need to turn off Fox News and Murdoch needs to be outed as the real devil in this game.
As well they see Brett As the way to end abortion.
I don’t understand the level of intensity of division in the US political scene. And how any woman could not see what a thug this guy is. There are plenty of women who have and they are mad as hell. And they’re not going to take it anymore. / thanks Peter Finch.


Innocent until proven guilty.


Oh, all the boys suddenly think of the Law!
And, like I said, his guilt is he behaved like an out of control crazy at the hearing in front of the US Senate and the world. He’s guilty of being a thug, and partisan. He is not worthy in his temperament to be a Supreme Court Judge.


It’s a job interview, not a criminal proceeding. There is no innocent vs guilty, there is only qualified and competent vs not. He’s not.


One thing is certain; whatever already-questionable claims the republicans had to be considered "the party of fiscal responsibility" or "the party of family values" is absolutely annihilated. They didn't just burn the bridge behind them, they dropped a hydrogen bomb on it.

They are the party of "the ends justify the means" and "the party of pawning the wedding ring for a single night's fix." The republicans, and so-called christian evangelicals, are morally bankrupt. Corrupt through and through. Democrats aren't pure, no doubt about that, but republicans and evangelicals are completely and utterly evil at this point.


They is plenty of evidence that he lied repeatedly under oath during these and previous hearings about his role in the Bush White House and his record on the bench but corporate media isn't reporting it and corrupt Republicans pretend there is nothing to see there. Combined with stealing a SC seat, it's a slow conservative power grab that will occur with Kavanaugh or another, possibly more innocuous looking, corporatist.

Instead of focusing on knuckle dragging regressives closing ranks, which they inevitably do to amount to ~1/4 of the potential electorate, you should point out that an entire generation of women are likely becoming estranged from the GOP and plan on getting these people to the box..


@6 you nailed it.


I keep telling conservatives to apply the same principal to Brett Kavanaugh that they CLAIM to be applying to Colin Kaepernick. "It's not about who is right and who is wrong, it's just that this controversy would cause too much of a distraction it would take away from the success of the team."
But apparently a nebulous controversy about political speech is enough to sideline a frickin football player but questions about sexual assault should not stop a guy from judging the most important cases in our country. For reasons that have nothing to do with race and privilege.


I just saw "to kavanaugh" be used to mean "to grab a woman in an unwanted way." Is it time the good judge got Santorumized? Dan Savage, what say you?


Very sad outcome and shows nothing has changed since the last man got on the bench despite being accused of violating a woman.


Good to see male allies turning up and speaking out. I don’t think these crusty old bosses, who have been suckling on the public teat for decades, know what’s going to hit them.


Let him have the seat. He can be impeached for lying to the Senate under oath. The next one on the list may not be impeachable, but will make all of the same rulings.


@22 - A cartoonist at The Guardian is proposing kavanaugh = soiled toilet paper:


" Remember those “Trump Can Grab My Pussy!” t-shirts worn by the double X deplorables at Trump rallies in the fall of 2016?" There is new and even worse: old men wearing T-shirts saying I would rather be Russian than a Democrat" We are so ignorant. This is what we get when she stop funding the schools!


You know who believe Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted at least one woman and possibly more than one women? THE WHITE HOUSE. It’s 100% why they wouldn’t let the FBI interview him this last week.


It seems there was no way to win - either galvanize the R base or de-galvanize the D base.


He may get the seat, he’s still been kneecapped.
If violence against women is not a red hot issue for some republicans and others, one could take from that they all do it themselves.
And Trump saying it’s a bad time for young men, by implication women all lie. Nah. This pathetic toilet paper stuck to his shoe old sleaze bag and his lot are not going to dictate to young and older women how things are gonna be.
A glaring light has been shone on the lazy and abusive men all thru our western culture and beyond, and names are being spoken. If a few women lie, the percentage would be very small. Trying to discredit millions and millions of women around the world who have been sharing their secret horrors, it’s because of their guilt. Western women ain’t going back, you hear that you rapist apologist crowd.
There are some powerful young women standing up to enter politics and many many more behind the scenes getting things done.
It’s on.


Ms Lava - You have given me an idea. Taking shape in my head is a character named Sherman Valentine, whose internal monologue is running: "I don't hate women. I'm not an MRA, not like Jay. Jay's me mate. Now, Jay is an MRA, or at least he thinks he is. He watches Karen Straughan videos and he says, 'All women are potential false accusers.'" and so on. I even have the whole scene fleshed out in which the superiour neighbour presents a garment never worn because "I was never brave enough."

What a pity I don't really write plays.


@6 Knat for the WIN!
@7 & @9: All that high fructose corn syrup has turned you into a nonsensically drooling blob of lard, hasn't it, Ogie? All you've got left is the ability to yell, "HE'S the victim!" in multi-delusional RepubliKKKan lockstep via motorized wheelchair because you can't get a date to save your fat white boy ass, amiright? No wonder you need a zamboni to get around.
@30 LavaGirl, as usual you just plain ROCK.

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